“Toyota Vitz Is Made For Ladies” — Owner’s Review

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Yes, you read that right. The owner of 2nd generation Toyota Vitz, who is an environmental engineer, believes that it’s the best car for lady drivers in Pakistan. Here’s the complete owner review, keep reading to find out why. 

Purchase and Price

The owner bought the F variant of Toyota Vitz in September 2016 for 10 lac 75 thousand rupees. 

Discussing the purchase process, the owner told PakWheels that he was looking for a small but powerful hatchback in the range of 10 – 11 lacs. The options available were Honda City, Suzuki Cultus, Toyota Vitz, and Suzuki Wagon R. But he went for Vitz because it was automatic and had a 1000cc engine with many great features.

Engine Performance

The owner likes the engine performance of 1st generation Vitz more than the 2nd generation that he drives now. Compared to the 1st gen Vitz, this one feels a little under-powered

Fuel Average

The owner says that he gets a mileage of 11-12 kilometers per litre with his Vitz variant F in the city. On a long route, the fuel average goes up to 16-16.5 kilometers per litre.


In the owner’s opinion, the variant F of 2nd generation Vitz is one of the safest cars in Pakistan. It has eight airbags to keep all its passengers safe.


With soft and restful seats, ample legroom, and headrests for all passengers, Toyota Vitz is made for comfortable travels. The owner and his family appreciate this level of comfort in his small car.

Moreover, the car has many storage compartments and spaces, a vanity mirror in the driver’s side, and Isofix points to fit a child’s seat in the car. Keeping these features in mind, the owner says that Toyota has made the Vitz for the ladies.  

AC Performance

According to the owner, the AC performance of Toyota Vitz is as good as Honda Civic. The AC does an excellent cooling job even when the car is jam-packed with all five passengers. 

Ground Clearance and Suspension

The owner is not happy about the ground clearance of Toyota Vitz, and speed breakers are his nightmare. On the other hand, the owner is pleased with the suspension. “The car has outclass suspension,” says the owner. 


The car is not very high maintenance. The owner gets an oil change service in just 2,500 rupees, with tuning the cost goes to 3,000 rupees. 

Parts Availability

Used imported parts of Toyota Vitz cars are easily available in the local market. As far as the cost is concerned, some parts are cheap, some are costly

Pros and Cons of Toyota Vitz


  • Offers safe drive for all passengers
  • Has many storage spaces
  • Is a comfortable car
  • Has excellent suspension
  • Is easy to maintain
  • Has a round shape
  • Is a good investment in terms of resale


  • Vibrates when idle
  • Makes noise because of catalytic converter jam
  • Has a weak engine that seizes with time

Final Statement on Toyota Vitz

The owner of 2nd generation Toyota Vitz is in favor for everyone, who’s on a budget, to buy this 1000cc safe and comfortable car. It’s a small car with many great features.

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