Toyota’s best selling hybrid vehicle in 2019

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You will be as shocked as I was when I first heard that Toyota’s top-selling hybrid car in the U.S isn’t Prius. Whenever someone talks about hybrid, the first vehicle which comes in our minds is Prius, but it’s really surprising to know that the Prius family doesn’t hold the crown of the top-selling hybrid anymore. That crown has now been claimed by Toyota RAV4 hybrid.

Toyota just released end year sales summary for the year 2019 last week, which stated that Toyota successfully sold 92,525 units of RAV4 Hybrid SUVs to the U.S.A versus just 69,718 Toyota Prius models. Surprisingly it’s for the very first time since the debut of Toyota’s hybrid technology back in the early 2000s that any car has outsold Prius.

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It’s not clear, obviously, regardless of whether this is Toyota’s doing, through choosing item blend, or a shift in buyers’ interest for crossovers.

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It wasn’t long ago that Toyota stated that its goal with its hybrid technology was to convert from niche Prius into its conventional lineup and go big with it. While the Prius would keep on being an innovation harbinger in different manners, on the off chance that it proceeded. Toyota simply hasn’t moved the Prius on to the following consistent advance—which may be a module half and a half with a particularly long electric range, or maybe a vehicle that gets forceful with sun based supplementation. While there’s Toyota Prius Prime model in the sidelines, there’s additionally a 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime model in transit not long from now—with allegedly impressive electric miles to its advantage.

Toyota split out its business sums by traveler vehicles and light trucks. Joining Toyota’s Lexus extravagance brand with its own, the automaker sold 1.62 million vehicles and 1.53 million light trucks in the U.S, the most popular model being the Tundra. In any case, its hybrid sums slanted for light trucks (129,420 passenger car hybrids versus 145 light truck hybrids)— adding up to figures of about 8.0% of vehicles and 9.5% of light trucks being hybrid.

Among all the models of Toyota with hybrid technology, the RAV4 didn’t have the highest percentage of people opting for the hybrid model. That one goes to the Toyota Avalon, although its total model sales are just 27,767 for 2019, which is a small fraction of RAV4’s total sales. 23.6% of the Avalons buyers took home the hybrid version.

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