Turkey unveils its first-ever TOGG electric crossover SUV

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Before the launch of TOGG, a group of Turkish companies, Turkey was largely dependent on foreign automakers. Now things are about to get changes as TOGG unveiled the first-ever fully Turkish-made electric SUV. Apart from getting help from an Italian design firm, Pininfarina, the new EV has been developed from the ground up in Turkey. Turkey also aims to tackle the likes of Tesla in the future with its work on the EV technology. The race to manufacture the best EVs is getting very competitive. The mainstream manufacturers like Porsche and Audi have also jumped in to provide their respective offerings. The new SUV will be officially launched in 2022 after the necessary infrastructure for charging is established. Pricing information has not been disclosed yet. TOGG is also working on an electric sedan, which will also be launched in the future. The Turkish President was present at the unveiling ceremony of the electric crossover SUV. 


Pininfarina, an Italian design company, developed the exterior design of the electric SUV. The design of the exterior draws its inspiration from the Anatolian culture. One of the oldest symbols of Anatolia is the tulip flower. The front grille of the SUV and the rims have design language inspired by the tulip flower. These inspirations make the new electric SUV from TOGG a truly Turkish SUV. There are sharp and distinctive lines that give the SUV a powerful and robust appearance. Several chrome trim pieces across the exterior give this vehicle a premium look. 

According to TOGG, the new electric SUV follows the Congenital Electric Modular Vehicle Platform. TOGG engineers develop this platform. The new platform improves the comfort, efficiency, safety, and durability of the vehicle. This design helps in maximizing the width and the wheelbase of the vehicle. This improves the legroom in the vehicle. 


Just like other electric vehicles (EVs), the interior design is simple yet stylish. With an elaborate and vast selection of materials and flowing design lines, the interior oozes elegance and simplicity. From the pictures posted by TOGG on its website, we can see several touchscreens inside the interior that gives it a futuristic look. We can also see ambient lighting for both the front and the rear passengers. TOGG claims that technology is user-oriented, and the interior is spacious. There is a digital infotainment display screen in the center of the dashboard that makes tracking of information easier for the driver and the passengers. There is a secondary display screen for the front passenger. Both the headroom and the legroom are ample, and five adults can travel comfortably.

There is also a holographic assistant on board, which will provide necessary information to the driver so that he/she keeps the eyes on the road. A fast internet connection will be available that will help in providing live updates like those pertaining to traffic. Owners will not have to attach an additional device for internet connectivity. With the help of the internet, the SUV will be connected to the smart infrastructure of the city.  


This SUV provides fully-electric driving through lithium-ion batteries that provide instant torque. There are two battery configurations: 300 km and 500 km range battery options. The vehicle is equipped with Quick Charge technology, which will charge it up to 80% in under 30 minutes. The SUV has an all-wheel-drive system that enhances traction and acceleration from a standstill. You can also buy one with rear-wheel drive. The all-wheel-drive SUV has 400 horsepower and will reach 0 to 100 km/h in 4.8 seconds. The rear-wheel-drive variant has 200 horsepower and will reach 0 to 100 km/h in 7.6 seconds.


The body of the new SUV is made up of high resistance materials that provide it with high crash strength. There are also a total of seven airbags in the vehicle that further enhance safety. According to TOGG, the new electric SUV also meets the Euro NCAP 5 stars safety standards. The vehicle also comes with an eight-year warranty and low cost of maintenance. There are also zero emissions from the car. To enhance safety and comfort, TOGG has introduced a slow traffic pilot in this SUV. The slow traffic pilot is a semi-autonomous driving system (level 2). The current system can also be updated to Level 3 and above autonomous driving. 

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Pics Courtesy: Reuter

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