Two Accidents in Lahore Claim Eight Lives

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According to Dunya News, at least 8 people died in two separate traffic accidents in Lahore on Sunday.

Road Accident in Lahore

The accidents happened at Mall Road, where a car and a motorcycle crashed into each other, resulting in the vehicles spinning out of control. As a result, 2 people died on the spot and four sustained serious injuries.

All the severely injured were shifted to Mayo Hospital, where two succumbed to their injuries.

Road Accident in Lahore
Picture Courtesy: Dunya News

Dunya News further reports that the second accident took place on Raiwand Road where an over speeding car crashed into a tree and killed four people, while severely injuring 2 others.

The growing number of over speeding cases is really raising some serious questions on the traffic police’s ability to implement and uphold traffic laws, while at the same time these cases are resulting in serious loss of human lives.

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  1. Engineer says

    You know one thing which is ignored?? In Pakistan we get high speed MODIFIED CARS, Originally when a company designs HIGH SPEED CARS, They provide 2 to 7 AIRBAGS , ABS brakes and vehicle stability like solutions. These features are cut off in Pakistani vehicles…. The Cars in accident are of popular brand , High speed and made in Pakistan .

  2. Guest says

    Looks like all 3 photos are from the same accident, which means the photos from second crashed mentioned above, are not included.

    And if you see the car, It has torn into two. Everything behind the B-pillar is literally obliterated. There is no rear seat, only the back can be seen. Mechanical parts and fuel tank is not there.

    And the motorcycle can’t even be seen!

    Worst of all the car would soon be converted into “jaayyyyyniiannnnn gaddddii” and be sold to unsuspecting customer, ready to claim even more lives.

  3. Guest says

    Agreed, Pakistanis are pedal happy people due to decades of driving 2-valve per cylinder undersized engined carts. Undersized as in, Suzuki, Toyota, Nissan, Honda usually put smaller engine in it for Pakistani market, viz. Corolla 1300, Cultus 1000, etc.

    Now the 16-valve cars are in, the engines produce too much power and the public is not used to that much power.

  4. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    But according to a few people here, you know not a damn thing about Pakistani cars just because they have a big spare parts market in our country. Even when it means nothing more than just a body on a chassis. Unfortunately those cheap spare parts dont fit in us after such incidents :p

  5. Ahmed Hembel says

    The safety ratings for locally manufactured cars simply don’t exist. A 7 lac Suzuki Mehran and a 3 million Honda Civic assembled in Pakistan have the same safety rating, NONE! And why should they have it? Our public seems happy spending shitloads of money on crap. May the victims rest in peace.

  6. Usman Zafar says

    You are missing a point. Majority of people here don’t even bother wearing a seat belt which is is the first line of safety during crash irrespective if your cars have airbags or not.

  7. Muizz says

    both are corollas it proves that corollas are driven by ignorant shitty people

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