United Bravo up for sale, deliveries in December

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United Autos has started to take orders of its much awaited United Bravo hatchback. The car has been shipped to dealerships in main cities and is available for viewing. You can book Bravo by paying an advance booking fee of PKR200,000. The vehicle is priced at PKR850,000. The cars will be delivered in the first half of December 2018 if you book now, or two months after the booking. United claims there are only limited units of Bravo available as for now.

Check out full specifications and features of Bravo here.

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To book a United Bravo, you will need to make a pay order in favor of United Motors Pvt Ltd. The cars can only be booked at the United authorized dealerships. After the advance payment of PKR200,000, the rest of the amount is to be paid 15 days before the delivery of the vehicle.

Here is the list of documents required for the booking:

  • Original booking form provided by United Motors and duly signed by the customer
  • Original pay order in favor of United Motors
  • Photocopy of CNIC or purchase order (in case of companies)
  • Evidence of filer (active income taxpayer)

An advance tax of Rs7,500 (filer) is to be added in the overall price of the vehicle. For now, there are six dealerships (1 in Lahore, 2 in Faisalabad, 1 in Islamabad/Pindi, 1 in Bhelwal, and 1 in Multan) of United Motors across Pakistan that are offering booking of Bravo. United is working on opening more dealerships.

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There were a lot of concerns on the build quality of United Bravo. The dealership official said that those units were CBUs and suffered damages in the transit. The official also stressed that the company will soon start local manufacturing of the car which will in return reduce the build quality issues. The customers will be getting the locally assembled Bravo, and not these CBUs. The dealership, however, will not be offering test drives, said the official.

Stay tuned for more United Bravo updates.

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Notable Replies

  1. dakoon says:

    I don’t think it will be successful .even the Faw bubble is now exploding . Thanks to Faw dealers who are providing pathetic services in workshops

  2. mujhe aaj tak FAW V2 samajh nahi aai - built quality + part availability + part prices at dealerships are just :thumbsdown:
    this one must be too low quality - insan 9lacs me 2009/10 corolla, 2010 City, Liana, Swift na lele jo tried and tested cars hain in all aspects along with part availability everywhere.

  3. dakoon says:

    Bhai hamara link big mafia 3 kae sath sabit karoe warna phir ilzam aur bhotan maat lagaoe .
    Although mujhae pkdm cars pasand nahi ha lekin Toyota Corolla car ko aap jaha per bhi lain jaoe woh sah jati ha torture . Chinese car ke sath aap yeh kaam karoe usko theek karwa karwa kar aap maar jaoe gae.

  4. Bhai jaisee public waisa maal.

    The general behavior of our public is to buy and get everything cheap.
    you give them 03 options for any part or any commodity out public will go for the cheapest part ignoring the quality and its life cycle, which is one of the reason mehran is still successful.

    so china has no fault, they manufacture from Apple iPhone to the cheap china mobile, it all depends what quality we are willing to buy from them.

  5. @dakoon in united bravo case i might agree with you partly as I have not seen it personally, but FAW, U all are presenting FAW as a very cheap thing just like bravo, what I can assure people who are skeptical about its quality, that its a fine and hardcore product,be it V2 or XPV, I have used myself and seen people taking it on highways various times, they are satisfied with its performance, so I find the unity against it in your circles as to a campaign to bring down any effort that sets the trio to shame...

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