False rumors regarding Honda City‘s facelift

The rumors are circulating regarding the facelift of Honda City in the automotive circle, stating that the Honda Pakistan might bring the completely new shape of the car in 2019. However, as per the official sources, the company has no plans to launch the new shape of Honda City.

Moreover, as per the sales stats released by Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA),  the sales of Honda City and Civic were down by 24%, cumulatively.

It is believed that the rumor has affected the car sales, which means people are already anticipating the car with the all-new look.


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Other than this, due to the continuous ban on the non-filers, the car bookings have been down by 30% and it is estimated that by the end of 2018, the bookings will fall to 168,000 units from 240,000 units.

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  1. yup the picture says it all about sad state of pakistani auto industry....11 year old shape under the tag of new city...that is pakistan...

  2. For God's Sake, I request Pakwheels to stop "Rona Dhoona" of / for Non-Filers!
    (You should encourage everyone to become Active Filer!)

    Bookings are not down just only due to ban on Non-Filers, they are down due to ever increasing prices, ever decreasing quality, along with lack of features. Prices have mostly gone out of reach for most of the people.

    Well... Non-Filers b kya log hain? Non-Filers ko tax net mein aana qabool nai, gari na laina qabool hai!

  3. roboxx says:

    Strongly agreed :+1:

  4. Borris says:

    The way Pakwheels writes about the big three it's no surprise that their affinity is towards their point of view. They rarely talk about the bad points of the big three in straight forward way
    I think it has to do with ad/campaign money that the big three dish out to them.
    I agree, instead of roona/dhoona people should become filers AND media should encourage people to become filers instead they tow the line of status quo.
    If you're not a tax thief there is nothing to worry about when you do filing.
    Become a filer! Contact any legit finance/accountancy firm/professional and it should not take long or too much money.

  5. Bro, you may be right, but there is also a threshold and limit of awaam, regarding buying power for vehicles. If car assemblers go on increasing the prices every other day, then people can afford up to a certain max. extent. When that limit is crossed, majority of the people are unable to buy automobiles, since they can't afford them.

    Yahein sey to masla start hota hai. Invester ho k b Non-Filer ho, then dua hi ki ja sakti hai!
    Investers k pa'as itna paisa aata kahan sey hai? Aur unhein apnay assets and source(s) of Income; Govt. of Pakistan ko declare kar k dainay mein kya Sharai Uzar Manae'e hai?

    Investers hi ney to Auto Industry ko kafi hadd takk Nuksa'an pohanchaya hai. Genuine buyers were unable to get their vehicles in time, since jaldi kiay unki ba'ari hi nai aati thi. I fear, Auto Industry ko Genuine buyers / Filers ki aahein b lagi hain.

    With all due respect, I disagree with it. And I am amazed k aap Non-Filers and Investers ki Himayatt kar rahay hain!

    Bro, ALLAH Pa'ak Baray Bool aur Buray waqt sey Bchayein, but mujhay Filer honay mein koi Con nazar nai aa raha. Aap ka sub kuj legal, clear and declared ho, I don't think, koi aapko without any logical and genuine reasons pareshaan kar sakta hai. Aur agar koi badmaashi karta hai, then courts and competent authorities are also there to listen to your grievances and resolve them.

    I have already tried to clear this thing in the very beginning of my reply.

    I hope, it all helps. Thank you.

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