Video: The Crew’s trailer will make you forget Need For Speed

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As far as car racing video games go, hardly any game has come close to beating Need For Speed type of game play although it isn’t such a great game compared against the likes of Forza and Gran Turismo, but somehow it manages to keep the hype of MMO Racing that is difficult to explain.

Now though, there’s a new contender on the block. The Crew. Being Developed by Ubisoft, may finally make EA’s Need For Speed a run for its money.

This walk-through trailer of ‘The Crew’ released and the name of the game suggests that the game will feature a story like Fast and the Furious; where there’s a crew of four people, bounded by friendship and love and bro-hood, form a crew and go on stealing things about on the highway.

It’s east to expect a movie on this game as well.

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  1. Farhat Abbas says

    Asfandyar Ali said…hmmmmm its a new game…achi hay…Good…

  2. Syed Turab Haider Kazmi says

    one word, simple awsome….ubisoft has done it again… simple=y w8ing for it to b released… 😀

  3. Faraz Iqbal says


  4. Hassaan Mahmood says

    shit! its online 🙁 pirated cds ni milenge :'(.

  5. Mustafa Ilahi says

    Umair Mirza

  6. Chris Okonkwo says


  7. Osakwe Tochukwu says

    Hahahahhahaaaa…jyde u̶̲̥̅̊ sure?

  8. Hammad Ali says

    ubisoft always make videos like that… for sure graphics are not going to be like that…after all its ubisoft not rockstar or naughty dogs or Microsoft etc.

  9. Yasir Saeed says

    its wonderful as far as trailer is concerned.

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