Want to Buy a New Car? Follow These 10 Tips

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Buying a new car is everyone’s dream as we all want to enjoy a new ride. Although purchasing a new vehicle is easier than buying a used one, it is still a tough decision. Even in new cars, you can face fraud or you could buy a damaged car. So, follow these ten tips before buying a new car because they will ensure that you purchase best vehicle with surety that it is indeed brand new.

1. Resale: 

Always check the resale of the car because it is highly probable that you will sell this vehicle in future. It would be easier for you to sell a vehicle with good resale compared to hard-to-sell ride. One of the essential aspects in this regard is the brand because it plays a huge role in resale. For example, Honda, Toyota, and Suzuki cars are easier to sell in Pakistan as compared to other manufacturers.

Then come car’s engine, specification and its color. As per available data, white color is most popular in the local market as it has a 23% market share of sales, then comes black with 18%, followed by silver with 16%.

2. Maintenance: 

You must have proper information about the cost of car’s maintenance and periodic maintenance parts. Furthermore, always compare the prices of spare parts of different vehicles because you have to spend some money every month for maintenance. In some cases, the car’s aftersales is not good, which leads to high maintenance cost.

3. Know Your Need: 

You must understand what you need in the new car because some additional features may cost you more, and then you may realize you don’t need them. So, do your homework about what you need and what you don’t.

4. Don’t Buy Recently-Launched Models: 

Never buy a new model, which has been launched in the market a few days or weeks ago, because most companies test their new vehicles during this time period. The companies check these cars’ behavior, how they adjust to the local environment, and which issues they are facing. Then the manufacturers remove the problems in the next batch.

5. Consider the Size: 

Always analyze and consider the car’s size, meaning don’t buy too small or too big vehicle compared to your needs. Do check, how many people can travel in it comfortably and if space meets your requirement, buy it, otherwise move to another vehicle.

6. Buy Premium Car: 

If you can afford, always buy a premium class car because these top-of-the-line variants have more safety, comfort along with high performance.

7. Car Inspection: 

Always consult the inspection service before buying the car. Sometimes, the new cars have an accident during transit and companies sell the repaired units to you. So, get it checked thoroughly because it is about your money. Another critical thing to remember is the test drive. Always take the car for a road test because it will tell you about the car’s performance, comfort and drive experience.

8. Look for Discount Offers: 

Mostly in November and December of every year, the prices of cars come down, and companies offer different discount offers and deals. So, keep an eye on these offers and take advantage of them as you can negotiate with the dealers in this period.

9. Visit Multiple Dealerships: 

Never buy the car from a single dealership, always visit the market, analyze the prices and offers, and then decide. In this way, you will get a competitive rate on your desired vehicle. 

10. Don’t Buy in a Hurry: 

Never decide in a hurry because it can cost you heavily in the future. Even If a dealer says that this is the last unit he has and it will be sold, let it go because it is not the last car in the world. Take your time before making a purchase.

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