Menace of Underage Driving… Continues in Pakistan!

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The menace of underage driving is a topic on which we have published so many articles.  Law enforcement agencies have been running campaigns against violators continuously, but unfortunately, we still encounter such hazardous and illegal activities.  Recently, a minor was seen driving a Land Cruiser on the roads of Multan, all alone,  raising serious questions and have been a topic of discussion on social media.

Everywhere in the world, there is a certain driving age limit to get a license, and we have the same laws in Pakistan. Still, sadly it is being violated so openly, and we come across underage drivers and riders every other day without any punitive action. The underage driving has caused many accidents resulting in serious outcomes and in some cases, fatalities. Underage drivers are a danger to the public and a serious threat to their own lives. Besides cars, there is a vast majority of kids who ride motorbikes and in some cases, auto-rickshaws / Ching-Chee.

Law and Parents’ Responsibility: 

No one should operate a motor vehicle without the license. One must wait until he or she reaches the required age limit of 18, as per current law to be eligible for learner’s permit and later proper official license. All those holding learners permit should have a licensed driver with them. They can’t drive alone until they get their actual license. It is illegal too.

Parents are the KEY. Unfortunately, some parents feel proud of their kids driving underage. In fact, sometimes they are the one asking them to drive. This is not something they should be proud of; it should be a matter of extreme concern, and parents should be really strict about it. It is the parents’ responsibility to make sure; kids don’t get keys to the vehicles/bikes until they are legally allowed and have licenses. It’s illegal to drive without license and underage is no exception, regardless if an underage kid is driving along with his/her parents.

I would not like to be judgmental here, but, unfortunately, this issue is happening in the educated and better class of society. I can bet if you stand in front of a school, you will see a lot of these kids driving their cars with the driver sitting in the back seat or passenger seat. Well, I have even seen parents sitting next to them. In case of accidents, these parents either try to use their influence or pay some money and get out of it very easily. What are we teaching our kids with such actions? In case of any violation, parents should be sent to jail and must be fined heavily and impounding their vehicles/ bikes.

Be Careful: 

Please look around your homes, in your streets, within your family and social circle. Please take a step for the safety of our kids and others. I have seen that sometimes parents feel happy for their underage kid driving, but this action can result in killing someone else kid or a breadwinner. Being a parent myself, I also feel proud of my kids’ achievements, but certain things need a proper time and age. Parents/ Guardians should discourage this activity altogether, no matter if they are sitting next to them in the car. This is BIG NO!.

Parents/ Guardians should make sure if their kids go outside with their chauffeurs, they don’t pressurize the poor driver and MUST NOT get hold of keys. If we see anyone in our surroundings, we should stop them and complain to their parents. STOP Underage Driving!! If you see any vehicle with such drivers, record the plate number and report to the police IMMEDIATELY.

STOP Underage Driving!!

( As of this recent incident from Multan, if anyone have any information, the local City Traffic Police would like to hear that @ 0335- 9151915 )

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