Watch How An Excavator Pushes Wrongly Parked BMW In China

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When someone blocks your car’s way out when you’re parked, it’s quite natural for people to get mad and honk until the stars come down to calm your nerves. You obviously wish you’d had some sort of heavy machinery to push the car aside, or possibly a tank. See Ivan, in Russia, they will drive the tank over your car if you have wrongly parked but in China, they’d just push all those car out of the way.

There’s zero information available as to what drove the construction company to take such a harsh approach towards clearing the roads. BMW and Jeep seems to be parked illegally because, in the video, you can hear a supervisor on the walkie-talkie giving directions to clear the way rather of the machine operator just banging cars right and left to vent his anger.

The most cringe worthy moment in the entire video was when BMW was slapped aside like it was some peasant sat on the road in front of the excavator. Anyways, check the video and let this be a lesson.

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  1. Alpha Bravo says

    jealous people 😛

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