What If We Have The Latest Hyundai Santro in Pakistan?

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Remember the times when Santro was one of the hottest selling cars in Pakistan? Back in the early 2000s, we got the first generation Hyundai Santro. For a Suzuki-dominated market, this tall boy hatchback was something new and exciting.

From 1999 to 2009, we saw two versions of the first generation Santro (pre-facelift and post-facelift) on the roads. The Hyundai hatchback left the Pakistani market in 2010 and hasn’t made a comeback since.

The first generation Santro’s build quality and features were miles ahead of Mehran, Alto, Cuore, and Cultus of that time. And guess what? The second generation Santro is even better. If Hyundai launches the latest generation of Santro in Pakistan, it will crush the ongoing models of Cultus, Wagon R, and even Picanto. Don’t believe us? Just watch!

A Look at Hyundai Santro 2022

The latest model Hyundai Santro in India is better than the previous generation in every way. It’s bigger, more feature-rich, and modern looking. 


Hyundai has revamped the old E-epsilon 1.1-litre Santro engine, making it healthier and more powerful. This new engine produces 68 horsepower and 99 Nm of torque, paired with a 5-speed manual or automated manual transmission.


Hyundai has tried something refreshing with the exterior styling of the new Santro. The overall front design kind of resembles the older Porsche Cayenne. The front fascia features Hyundai’s signature cascade grille with halogen headlights and fog lamps.


The best thing about the new Santro is the quality of plastic and practically everything inside the cabin. Hyundai has taken the interior design inspiration from luxury cars and executed it so well with plastic that it doesn’t look cheap at all. You genuinely feel like you are sitting in a premium hatchback.

The air conditioning system in the new Santro is powerful, just like it was in the old model. The car also has AC vents for the rear passengers. What else? A 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity and smartphone mirroring, rear parking sensors, front power windows, 4-way manually adjustable front seats, and other basic features.

New Hyundai Santro Interior


Hyundai Santro is not the safest hatchback with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD) and only one airbag standard in all variants. 

Hyundai relaunched the new Santro in India in 2018 and filled the missing spot of an entry-level hatchback in the Indian market. Why not do the same here in Pakistan? The Pakistani market desperately needs a well-built, modern-looking affordable hatchback, and the new Santro would be the perfect thing. 

Hyundai Santro Relaunch

What do you say about the relaunch of the new Hyundai Santro in Pakistan? Yay or nay?

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  1. Khurram says

    With Dollar gone over 200 PKR per dollar, I do not think Hyundai would even dream of bringing the vehicle to Pakistan. By the way, author you forgot to mention that Santro’s maintenance cost was much higher than Suzuki Cultus or Alto back in time. As for Mehran and Cuore, both are smaller than Santro and hence cannot be compared. One thing more, the Indian market gets those cars because it is very large in size as compared to Pakistani car market, has a better infrastructure and most of all the country has people who are more educated and honest than average worldly oriented Pakistani.

  2. Salman Ali says

    There market is big Khurram but other things u told are wrong ..we are much more caring then them being Muslims

  3. Khurram says

    @ Mr. Salman
    As regards to market size, yes, I agree they are bigger, more advanced and more educated and hence the companies are launching cars over there.
    As regards to Muslim care I suggest that you kindly re-read what has been taught us and then look around you. For the record look through daily actions being performed by us in our lives. Breaking the red signal in broad day light and not even feeling shame over it nowadays, coming on the wrong way of the road, mechanics swindling money out of you at every chance they can get, bike riders passing between cars and scratching them and other several things which need a separate article to be covered. Is that care? In my view, it is not, average worldly oriented Pakistani has truly become the most impatient and indifferent man on this earth. Anyways, each to his own but this much I can say, being a Muslim comes with a great responsibility and most Pakistani Muslims are leading irresponsible lives.

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