Who are Better Drivers? iPhone Users or Android?

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We all know how much iPhone users brag about the user experience, specs, camera quality, looks, and feel of their phones. You hear an iPhone user say, “iPhone, iPhone hai bhai,” at least once a day. But guess where these iPhone hotshots lack in comparison to the Android junkies? Driving.

According to recent research in Canada, Android users are better drivers than iPhone users. The research conducted a behavioural analysis of 20,000 drivers over a period of 14 days. The drivers, from different educational backgrounds and ages between 18 to 65, were analysed on factors such as acceleration, speed, turning, braking, and distraction. Here are the main takeaways.

Android Drivers >>>> iPhone Drivers

Overall, android users did a clean sweep in all categories. Android users had higher scores in acceleration, speed, turning, braking, and distraction. The highest margin was in the distraction category, where Android users kept their hands off their phones and on the wheel.

Older Drivers >> Young Drivers

Of all the participants, older drivers who are married, homeowners, live in the Midwest, and have bachelor’s or more advanced degrees scored the highest in all categories. Older Android users performed better than younger Android users and older iPhone users performed better than younger iPhone users. 

Compared to the same age group, older Android users turned out to be better drivers than older iPhone users.

Higher Educated Drivers >> Lower Educated Drivers

If we take education as a comparison factor, PhDs earned the highest scores, followed by those with master’s and bachelor’s degrees. Android PhDs performed better than Android high schoolers, and iPhone PhDs performed better than iPhone high schoolers.

However, Android users with high school diplomas performed better than iPhone users with PhDs. How wild is that?

Men Drivers ~~ Women Drivers

To everyone’s surprise, men and women received identical overall scores in all categories. But that’s for the Canadians, not Pakistanis.

What do you think about the new Android versus iPhone driving rivalry? Do you agree with the research? Which side are you on? Let us know in the comments.

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