Who Are Better Drivers? Lefties or Righties?

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Life is tougher for people who have more power in their left hands. From cutting things with a scissor to playing cricket, everything’s a struggle for the left-handers. What about driving? Since we have right-hand cars in Pakistan, is driving harder for lefties than righties? Let’s find out.

For years, there have been multiple studies in different countries on who are better drivers, left-handers or right-handers. Every research boils down to two things.

Driving is harder for lefties..

While driving a car, steering the wheel needs more control than switching gears. That means you should have your dominant hand on the steering wheel and your subordinate hand on the gears. 

Right-hand cars in Pakistan favor righties as it’s easier for them to steer the wheel with their dominant right hand. Lefties have to struggle learning to control the steering with their weaker hand.

.. and yet lefties drive safer than righties.

Despite all the struggles, studies show that left-handers are not only fast learners but also safer drivers than right-handers. Yes, left-handed people learn to drive much faster than right-handed people. And you know what? Fewer lefties are involved in road accidents than righties!

Because they have to drive with their weaker hand, left-handed drivers are more alert and responsible on the road than right-handed drivers. You are safer with your leftie friend driving the car, so stop teasing them for not being normal and thank them for driving carefully. 

A message for all the righties out there: stop being careless just because it’s easier for you to drive, learn from the lefties and look out for your and others’ safety on the road. 

Are you team leftie or team rightie? Who do you think are better drivers, and why? Mention your underappreciated leftie friends and tell them you are proud of them for adjusting to the right-handed world and driving safely on the road.

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