“Don’t Buy Range Rover” – Owner Protested Outside Dealership

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An angry owner of Range Rover Vogue has launched a unique protest outside a dealership of Land Rover in Cardiff, Wales. As per a video circulating on social media, the person has left multiple vehicles covered with angry signs claiming that the company failed to honour his warranty. “Don’t buy a Range Rover. They don’t honour the warranty,” one of the posters read.

As per details, the owner named Michael Cox wanted a pay-out after his Range Rover Vogue engine failed. “The company won’t honour the warranty although my car is still covered,” he further claimed. Cox has called on the company to “stop messing with people.” It seems that the owner is extremely angry with the company’s behavior.

Although Range Rover is considered a luxury car, such complaints show the consumers’ dissatisfaction. And we think that the company should respond to it.

Our Experience with Range Rover Vogue

Meanwhile, if we talk about Range Rover Vogue’s experience in Pakistan, our very own Suneel Munj had a similar experience. In one of the owner’s reviews in 2018, he told us that had the car since 2012, and out of those six years, the car remained in the workshop for four years. “I have replaced its engine and transmission twice,” he told us. He added the drive experience of this car is excellent, but its maintenance is way too expensive. “It keeps the owner worried all the time,” he stated.

So, in short, our and international experience of Rover Vogue is similar, meaning it has a very high maintenance cost. And after buying such an expensive car, this much maintenance is unjustified. If an individual is spending so much, he automatically expects some executive experience but with this car, it is not the case.

If you want to know about this car in detail, watch this owner’s review.

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