Why are SUVs Gaining Popularity in Pakistan?

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Over the past decade, there has been a big increase in the number of SUVs in the Pakistani market. Especially after Japanese cars like the Nissan Juke and Honda Vezel entered the market.

There has been an improvement lately in the Pakistani economy. According to the president of World Bank, Pakistan is on the road to high economic growth. Business es seem to be doing well, and people prefer buying big cars. Yes, owning an SUV does make one feel big and powerful. A lot of businessmen in Pakistan prefer to go for the Toyota Hilux Vigo, Toyota Prado or the Fortuner, while some prefer to go for crossovers like the Honda Vezel or Nissan Juke. When you have the big bucks for it, why not go for something powerful that demands respect.

The increase in the trend of hybrid cars has also significantly contributed to the popularity of SUVs and crossovers. Japanese hybrids like Toyota Prius and Toyota Aqua have stormed the Pakistani car market. You can get a good Toyota Prius for about 2-3 million rupees. For those who love hybrids but also want to enjoy the high driving position than a typical sedan , in comes Honda Vezel. This car costs around 3-4 million rupees. For those who can afford a rugged off -roader, the Toyota Prado is the hot favourite among Pakistanis. Another kind of 4×4 that is quite popular in Pakistan and beyond is Toyota Hilux. People in Pakistan who love pickup trucks, buy the Toyota Hilux Vigo. The vehicle in question costs between 4-5 million rupees. More importantly, Toyota Indus Motors is all geared up to launch the all-new Toyota Hilux Revo and Toyota Fortuner soon in Pakistan.

Another reason as to why SUVs have become popular is because Pakistani auto market doesn’t give one many options in 3-5 million price range of cars. People who love to spend on cars and those who can afford 4 million on a car would rather go for a 4×4. SUVs offer a better height and ground clearance that is ideal for areas with bad roads.

Land Cruiser Seating

Furthermore, Pakistani families tend to have many members. For a big family, SUV is an excellent choice, especially if you tend to travel a lot with family. SUVs have a better seating capacity and are more spacious.

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  1. Muneeb Ahsan says

    matlab Kuch bhi ???? seriously ? sir Nissan juke or Honda vezel dono CUV hen not SUV ….

  2. Dawood Ahmed Waseem Rajput says

    I don’t understand why Pakistani buyers don’t think of american makers when it comes to SUVs. I mean, they make so many and they’re all fucking amazing. The JDMs are fine, but SUVs really aren’t the Japanese’ strongest suit.

  3. TheUndertaker says

    There is lesser presence of American cars or SUV’s in Pak therefore brands are lesser known than Japanese. Also Japanese SUVS are more reliable than American counterparts as been proven time again in North America as well as in SUV loving nations like Australia. See recent Oct 2016 article below.


    Jeep, Chevrolet, Lincoln and Caddilac’s SUVs ( all american brands ) are least reliable even Dodge, Ford, Chrysler dominate least reliable category. Seem like Americans are good at lots of things. Automobiles arn’t one of them…

  4. Khurram says

    American S.U.V.s are powerful? That is the first time I have heard, even in the U.S.A. Toyota Land Cruiser is famous.

  5. Waleed Ahmed says

    So there’s improvement in Pakistan Economy just by Rich is getting richer & poor is getting poorer?? Seriously??

    & I pity the ones who say that this is the improvement of an economy, The economics is based on many other indexes & indicators, their are millions of people who’ll sleep without food tonight & other days of the week & their are people whose un-eaten food is being dumped by the restaurants & you say that the economy is improving, I and many other people who have some REAL Sense of the economy will not Appreciate such growth of the economy.

    What a bunch of amateurs their are in this Blog?? Seriously?? Economy is based on Multiple factors
    & Much More & You quote this

    “There has been an improvement lately in the Pakistani economy. According to the president of World Bank, Pakistan is on the road to high economic growth. Business es seem to be doing well, and people prefer buying big cars.”

    I refer to one who wrote this article in a very comfortable situation, Get up of your seat & Go out of your house & see what people are going through, Probably then you’ll not quote this & write that economy is growing based on people Buying BiG SUVs

  6. Guest says

    You are absolutely correct, and

    – that’s why Nissan Patrol (2nd and 3rd gen) is always bought by UNO.
    – that’s why Land Cruiser 100 series is always bought by UNO.

    – that’s why Hilux is the vehicle of choice for everyone from Taliban to ISIS to Boko Haram. Which is why there was a war called a Toyota War but no war called a Jeep, Dodge, GMC or Chevrolet war.

    – that’s why Arabs love the Prado for desert hooning.

    – that’s why Top Gear tried to destruct a Hilux instead of a Colorado.

    And Pakistani buyers (government buyers such as military and OGDC etc. and private buyers alike) have had fine times with American SUVs such as Dodge Power Wagon, Jeep CJ-7, Jeep Wagoneer, Jeep Cherokee and Ford Courier.

  7. Guest says

    “When you have the big bucks for it, why not go for something powerful that demands respect.”

    Gutter mentality. Power demands respect. Pooh pooh.

    Didn’t your mom tell you “give respect, get respect” when you were a baby?
    There is a difference between genuine respect and being the victim of bullying.

  8. Guest again says

    Americans are good at inventing things.
    Japanese are good at perfecting the things which have already been invented by the Americans.

    America isn’t the name of a single race or ethnicity. America (the states which untied together to form a federation) was made as a result of ethnic cleansing of native Red Indians and super-imposition of imported talented individuals coming from everywhere.

  9. TheUndertaker says

    well said!

  10. Mohammed Aziz says

    The writer is out of his mind. According to him big cars or SVU demand respect typical Pakistani gutter mentality.Respect is earned not demanded or given just because you drive a expensive vehicle.

    The writer is spouting nonsense when he says Pakistani economy is on a high growth because if he were to look he will see the poverty, hunger, lack of water, disease and malnutrition in pakistan and yet the writer is talking about so called businessmen who have gained their wealth by dubious mean for example by bribery goverment officials to pass tenders, to get invoices cleared, builders / construction companies using sub standard materials, so called businessmen selling drugs and the list goes on.It is these so called business people who aspire to these SUV or big cars and people like the writer are easily impressed by these vehicles.If you had some class then you would not be impressed or giving respect to people who drive BIG SVU because you assume that person driving the SVU has some power but then you have no class.

  11. Husnain Raza says

    all this fuss ..

    and I am waiting for your right advise 😀

  12. tariqW says

    can somebody tell about the 1XBMW? how it is, merits and demerits in pakistan

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