Why Hybrid Cars Are The Future Of Auto Industry?

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If you are reading this article then there are strong chances you have driven a hybrid car at least once in your life. Despite all the hybrid wizardry happening below, these cars feel and drive just like any other conventional car. They manage to give higher MPG than their regular counterparts and the world has seen a record increase in production and sales within the last 10 years. When we hear the world “Hybrid” the first thing which comes to our mind is usually a Prius. But manufacturers all around the world are making hybrid variants of their cars and here are a few reasons why hybrid technology is the future of automobile industry.

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Better Fuel Economy:

This one shouldn’t come with a surprise that hybrid cars are mainly popular because they presumably return better fuel economy. The world is running out of oil and we need to do something about it. Hybrid cars come equipped with a battery and an electric motor. This helps produce electric energy which can be used at low speeds helping save fuel by putting the engine to idle.

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Environmental Friendly:

Due to the excess amount of vehicles present on the road today we are doing no good to the environment. The CO2 released by cars stay in the atmosphere and is also one of the root causes of global warming. Hybrid cars tend to change that by relying more and more on electric power when possible. Which means less burning of fuel which directly reduces CO2 emissions. An average hybrid vehicle will release 70g/km of CO2 as compared to 140g/km of a non-hybrid vehicle. I’m not saying that hybrid cars are good for the environment but they certainly are much better than their regular counterparts.


Better Performance:

Yes! Yes! We know that your Corolla beats a Prius in a straight line but that is not the point. The electric motor in hybrid cars gives maximum torque when you press the pedal which minimizes the initial delay. This is very effective in start/stop traffic of cities. The instant torque not only helps you maneuver better but it’s also quicker. Manufacturers have also started to equip their high-performance vehicles with clever hybrid technologies to produce more power and give better performance. The Mclaren P1 and Porsche 918 are the prime examples of modern performance cars using hybrid technologies. Every now and then we hear of new hybrid cars which match the performance of a Buggati Veyron. This makes it very clear that future sports cars will be using hybrid technology.


After knowing all the benefits of the hybrid technology there is one important question which needs to be answered and that is, Whats the future of hybrid cars in Pakistan?

A few years back the import taxes on hybrid cars were cut down considerably by the government making hybrid cars very popular in Pakistan, which opened up a world of new possibilities. Nishat Group planning to launch electric and hybrid cars from Hyundai whereas Superpower has unveiled two e-cars in Pakistan at a very good price. This is a clear indication that Pakistan has a very big potential for people looking to buy Hybrid cars.

What do you think about hybrid cars and will you buy one? Let us know in the comment section below.


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