Yamaha increases bike prices by up to PKR 7,000

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Yamaha Pakistan has increased the prices of its bikes by up to PKR 7,000.

There are no specific details available to us as to why the company has increased the rates of its bike, but, keeping in view the recent trend of local car and bike makers bumping the prices due to rupee depreciation, the company might have also hiked the prices due to this phenomenon.

As per the details, the company has increased the prices as follow:

Model Name New prices Old prices Increase
YBR125Z PKR 123,500 PKR 117,900 PKR 5,600
YBR125G PKR 144,500 PKR 137,500 PKR 7,000
YBR125 PKR 139,500 PKR 133,900 PKR 5,600

The new prices will come into effect from 14th December 2018. It is to be noted here that Yamaha sold 8,406 bike units in the last four month, however, in the same period of the corresponding year that it sold 6,771 units. It shows that the brand is becoming popular with the local masses.

Moreover, the company launched YBR 125G in a new metallic grey colour for its consumers in the country.

Stay tuned for the latest update.

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