12th TDCP Jeep Rally Concludes Successfully

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The 12th TDCP Cholistan Desert Rally arranged by Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab has successfully reached its conclusion.

Each year, Pakistan’s premiere racing event keeps getting better and attracts hundreds and thousands of rally enthusiasts and motor-sports lovers from all over the country. Following are the rankings at the end of this event:

Category A:

  • 1rst: Nadir Magsi
  • 2nd: Ronny Patel
  • 3rd: Ans Khakwani

Tushna Patel emerged as the winner in the women’s category in the stock category.

Category B:

  • 1rst: Aamir Magsi
  • 2nd: Faisal Shadi Khail
  • 3rd: Awais Khakwani

Category C:

  • 1rst: Dr Noor ullah
  • 2nd: Gohar Sangi
  • 3rd: Muhammad Rafiq

Category D:

  • 1rst: Zaffar Khan Baloch
  • 2nd: Farooq Ahmed
  • 3rd: Shaheen Iqbal

And following are some pictures and videos of different rally runs by the competitors:

Cholistan jeep Rally 2017
More videos coming soon
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Posted by UHA bahawalpuris on Monday, 13 February 2017

Accident 🙁 🙁 jeep Rally #16

Posted by UHA bahawalpuris on Sunday, 12 February 2017

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