2-Door SUVs: Why Do They Exist ?


So let’s say you are in the market for a large upscale luxury vehicle, you need something that you can use to haul the kids around on the weekdays and then maybe take exploring as a hobby on the weekends with your friends and family. Well, that’s what SUV’s are for, they are meant to cater to a broad variety of needs, and above all else, in today’s modern world they serve to be practical and reliable vehicles. So by taking that all into context you might wonder as to why the heck modern day 2-door SUV’s even exist.

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Take the brand new Land Rover Range Rover SV Coupe, its a two-door version of the long wheelbase supercharged Range Rover that is limited to just 999 units and costs nearly US$ 300,000, that’s around US$ 63,000 more than a Bentley Bentayga which most would argue is the better luxury SUV. Essentially in this case with the SV Coupe you are paying a lot more money for a bit of inconvenience. The SV Coupe is all about surrounding its passengers in a cocoon of luxury, so chances are you’re going to want to sit in the back where all the fancy gizmos and leather upholstered reclining chairs are. So why on earth would you choose the 2-door version when you can get the 5-door version that’s vastly more practical for a lot less money. Some people would argue that a 2-door SUV look’s better, they would refer to the fact that since sports car have two doors, an SUV having 2-doors make it’s more Lamborghini than Sunday soccer-mom vehicle.


Take another modern-day SUV as an example the Suzuki Jimny. It’s a small cramped 2-door SUV with horrible suspension, slow acceleration and terrible build quality. The ever dropping sales figures are a testament to that. 2-Door SUV’s just don’t make sense in the modern world. They were made to be a multipurpose utilitarian vehicle, and putting two doors on them is akin to buying a gigantic mansion and having only one bathroom. I guess that’s the reason why most 2-door SUV’s have failed in the past and why you don’t see as many of them as you used to in the nineties.


Suzuki Jimny

Current Suzuki Jimny

There are some practical off roading benefits of course. The 2-door SUVs have a smaller footprint, making them ideal for going over rough terrains without the fear of rubbing the underbelly of the vehicle. But that is pretty much it.

They have now become more of a speciality vehicles than something that is desired by a regular household for their daily needs.

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  1. Rugal says:

    Buddy, the Range Rover SV (SV stands for Special Operations) is a limited run niche vehicle and not to be compared to the Bentley or other relatively run of the mill luxury SUVs. Limited availability will cost you more in terms of manufacture, services, spares etc from a manufacturer point of view too, so to recoup the expenses, the prices are high.

    They exist for quite a few reasons.

    a) You're a bachelor with no dependents whosoever and want an SUV. Why would you want a 4 door land barge when a small two door SUV fits the bill?
    b) They usually have the same engines as their larger counterparts. 2 doors and small wheelbase will always outperform 4 doors and long wheelbase.
    c) Competition Racing like rallies, endurance racing etc require manufacturers to sell a certain no. of models to be eligible for participation. Since these smaller vehicles weigh less and can use the same powertrains as their larger siblings, they are prime favorites for competition racing and to enter them, you need to sell them first.
    d) Future collectibles - Two door SUVs with limited production usually end up as a future collectible and appreciate instead of depreciate, so they are good value for money.
    e) You mentioned the smaller footprint.

    I'm sure that ought to explain why there are still two door SUVs around.

    PS: I'd love to own a two door Pajero someday, like the one pictured above. That beast puts the S in sexy.

  2. TM says:

    Fully agree to what you have said in the last sentence :slight_smile: I myself would like to have a Red one :wink:

  3. Always try to came up with research otherwise you won't do justice with the topic as you did which leads to misinformation and misguide the people who rely on this forum. why two doors SUV exists? Let me explain...
    1. Do you think an army officer needs a 4 door SUV with one driver and 1 guard for his patrolling on the boarder areas ( mountains, rivers, deserts and forests? )
    2. Do you think a police officer needs bigger 4 door suv for his day to day needs?
    3. Do you suggest a forest officer should have a long wheelbase SUV?
    4. Do you think engineers needs a large wheelbase five door SUV for his visits of construction sites which could be a bridge at river, a rest house in the forest, desert or hill.
    I can tell you a lot more useful areas where you can't use a sedan or a big SUV and that is why they are still selling and don't have any chance of discontinuation any time so don't worry about them. They have a very useful purpose which no other vehicle can fulfil. Do you know how many orders Toyota, Land rover, range rover etc are getting from defence forces of many countries including Pakistan each year for these three doors smaller wheelbase SUVs which have same powerful engine, suspension and price?

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