Bolan Jeep Rally 2018 concludes – Here are the results and pictures

Motorsports, especially off-road rally racing is becoming a massive phenomenon in the country, and now even the media is also giving them coverage. There are many rallies taking place in the country throughout the year such as Thal, Cholistan and Jhal Magsi rallies etc. And now recently the  2nd Bolan Jeep Rally has been concluded with Jaffar Magsi winning it for consecutively, second time. Previous Bolan 4×4 Jeep Rally which was held in April 2017 was also won by Jaffar Magsi.

winner stock 1 bolan jafar

It was a three-day rally which kicked off on 19th March and ended on 21st March 2018. The rally was held in the Bibi Nani area of Bolan District, Balochistan. The rally was organised by the local Balochistan Government in collaboration with the Pak Army. It is to be noted here that 90 KMs long route was prepared for the racers by the organisers and a total of 6.7 million rupees were distributed among the winners.

There were two main categories in this rally one was stock, and the other was prepared. However, there were nine sub-categories, including the women category. Races of the stock category were completed on 20-3-2018, while the races for the prepared category were held on 21-3-2018.

jeep rally 6

Vehicles ranging from 1000 cc to 4000 cc were used in the jeep rally. Over 50 drivers participated in the Bolan Jeep Rally. Prominent drivers like Nadir Magsi, Shahibzada Sultan, Ronnie Patel, Zain Mehmood, Babar Khan and Gohar Sangi also participated in the particular Jeep Rally.

jeep rally 2

Below is the list of winners who won the race in different categories:

Prepared Category (A)

  1. Mohammad Jaffar Magsi – Time completion (1:00:14.36)
  2. Shahibzada Sultan – Time completion (1:01:28.04)
  3. Mir Nadir Magsi – Time completion (1:02:01.93)

Prepared Category (B)

  1. Zain Mehmood – Time completion (1:05:16.57)
  2. Imran Magsi – Time completion (1:11:13.74)
  3. Nauman Saranjam – Time completion (1:15:05.03)

Prepared Category (C)

  1. Gohar Sangi – Time completion (1:10:07.96)
  2. Kashif Khan – Time completion (1:17:12.19)
  3. Malik Babar – Time completion (1:21:52.05)

Prepared Category (D)

  1. Zafar Khan Bloach – Time completion (1:13:54.94)
  2. Shaheen Iqbal – Time completion (1:18:22.20)
  3. Abdul Razaq – Time completion (1:29:35.26)

Now coming to the stock category.

Stock Category (A)

  1. Sahibzada Fawad Zakore – Time completion (1:07:56.75)
  2. Tariq Magsi – Time completion (1:12:38.64)
  3. Haji Waheed Lehri – Time completion (1:17:04.96)

Stock Category (B)

  1. M Zarain Magsi – Time completion (1:07:45.64)
  2. Danish Peshimam – Time completion (1:10:52.92)
  3. Main Shebir – Time completion (1:14:43.21)

Stock Category (C)

  1. Hassan Ali Magsi – Time completion (1:15:40.00)
  2. Rabnawaz Joyia – Time completion (1:16:16.36)
  3. Sarfaraz Dhanji – Time completion (1:20:34.64)

Stock Category (D)

  1. Mir Liaquat Shawani – Time completion (1:19:47.89)
  2. Sohail Abbas Kurd – Time completion (1:20:01.95)
  3. Manzoor Magsi – Time completion (1:22:35.41)

Women category

  1. Tushna Patel – Time completion (0:34:55.00)
  2. Mrs Asim Khan – Time completion (0:41:10.00)

Hundreds of people visited the rally and enjoyed it with full zeal and zest. The main aim of organising such events in the region is to increase tourism and to uplift the livelihood of the people living there.

While talking at the concluding ceremony, Lt Gen Asim Saleem Bajwa said, “Peace had come back to the region and tourism is flourishing, which is indeed good for the people living in these areas. We hope to conduct four rallies next year in Balochistan as the area is suitable for off-road racing.”

That’s it from our side, do comment what you think about the rise of motorsports in the country in the comments section below.

My name is M. Ali Laghari and I love to read and write about Cars.