2016 Honda Civic and Imported Used Cars in Same Price Bracket

2016 Honda Civic

Honda Atlas has been riding on the hope that the new 2016 Civic will help them get out of the slump. Their sales haven’t as such declined, but when you compare the percentage growth with other automakers, Honda Pakistan isn’t flying high. The automaker’ launched first gen of Honda HRV at the start of the year and we haven’t heard people piling up to buy that car. The launch didn’t do anything for the company. Honda was hoping to ride the high tide that Honda Vezel was enjoying but from the looks of it, everything fell flat on its face.

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In the meanwhile, the new Civic created a lot of interest before its launch. The social media went crazy, and people eagerly waited for the launch. The sad part is that people around the country were genuinely excited about the new car. It is not too often we get new models in Pakistan. And this was kind of a historic moment for us because we were getting something so cool and something that has gained much praise and acclamation internationally. The new Civic won an award for best interior and was ranked in the top ten by Wards Auto Awards. But if people from Wards see the quality of some initial units of 2016 PKDM Civic, I suspect they will consider removing Honda’s name from the list. Of course, that is not going to happen, and it’s just a little frustration from my side. But like me, I think there are other auto enthusiasts as well who are feeling a little disgruntled with Honda Atlas.

There will be boatloads of people who are buying the new 2016 Honda Civic in Pakistan, so it doesn’t matter what I have to say. But for those who feel betrayed and think that the new Civic is not worth the price, and want more bang for their buck, here are three used imported cars in the same price bracket of Rs 3 million. There is a cheaper simpler Civic as well but we will be comparing the top of the line turbo version only.

Honda Vezel

Let’s start with Honda’s own foreign cousin, the Vezel. Vezel has already successfully defeated the HR-V. It wasn’t even a match, to begin with. But from the looks of it, Vezel might give the new Civic some tough time as well. You can easily find a used Honda Vezel in the price range of PKR3 million. If you are willing to spend a little more, there are 2016 models of this popular hybrid vehicle available in the market as well. It comes with a 1.5L internal combustion engine and an electric motor to assist you during the driving. A small piece of trivia; the Vezel has the same L15B (Earth Dreams) engine the new Honda Civic turbo (L15B7) has. Honda slapped a turbocharger on the same motor and tuned/updated it accordingly. Vezel is more spacious and returns decent mileage since it’s a hybrid (approximately 14 km/l local and 17 km/l on long trips).


Honda Vezel Hybrid RS

2016 Honda HR-V

2016 Honda HR-V Pakistan

Toyota Premio

Toyota Japan launched Premio in 2001 as a replacement of Carina and Corona. It is a mid-sized family car and is available with 1.5L and 1.8L engines. There is 2.0L engine as well, but it’s hard to find in Pakistan because of all the additional taxes higher displacement cars incur.

  • 1.5l producing 108 BHP
  • 1.8l producing 130 BHP
  • 2.0l direct injection producing 150 BHP

You can easily find a 2012-13 Toyota Premio in the range of 3 million rupees (plus minus a lac or two). It’s a fantastic car and drives great. I did a review of a 2007 used Premio last year, and you can read more about it in the link mentioned below. But the thing, it is definitely better option compared to the new Civic if you see the overall package.

2007 Toyota Premio – Used Car Review

Toyota Prius

Yet another Toyota, and yet another hybrid. The Prius is arguably most famous hybrid car in the world. And it’s the same here in Pakistan. Toyota Indus Motors tried to launch a locally assembled Prius in Pakistan after the popularity of imported Toyota Prius. But maybe Honda Atlas should have looked at IMC and its Prius launch as a case study before launching their own car (Honda HR-V). In the price bracket of 29 to 31 lac, you can easily find a mint condition 2013 Toyota Prius. This gen Prius comes with a 1.8l internal combustion engine, so it is not like it’s a slouch. And combine it with its Hybrid Synergy Drive System and you get some seriously appreciable fuel economy as well.



toyota prius wallpaper

There are of course more options as well, like older Mercs or BMWs and even a pickup like Vigo. But we wanted to keep the options closer to the Civic by not only the year but also the size (sedans/mini-SUV).


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  • Shurjil Butt

    And I am sure even a 2004-5-7 Merc/Audi/Bmw is better than the cars listed in this article. Crux of the matter is that we Pakistanis have been, are been and will be made Chay from the bigwigs of Car industry.

  • David Blaine

    It is shameful in itself that we are comparing Brand New Atlas car to 3-5 year old cars……………LOL

    People still think old imported car is better. Atlas Honda should shoot themselves!

  • Abdullah

    Please don’t compare a brand new car with old pieces of junk…….only vezel comparison is some what justified but civic looks are thousand times better…

  • Abuzar Qureshi

    What about Lexus CT200h.

  • Imran

    I think this writer is hell bent on saying all bad about new honda civic may be a paid person from toyota
    Look at the series of articles he has written talking only bad about civic

  • Paying 3.0M for a car with bad welds, open gaps … I think these people need their heads to b examined 🙂

  • Leagues ahead of the Civic, even beats the Japanese Civic in terms of quality, build, prestige etc 🙂

  • Naveed Saeed

    Looter Atlas Honda + Greedy Lohaar’s Government = $30000 for Honda Civic in Pakistan

    I can buy 2 Honda Civic in this price here in Texas.

  • Guest

    The author is just disappointed. As you may agree, people who leave cushy jobs and go to work for PakWheels blog which is essentially just a startup are true petrolheads. They are frustrated by the limited scope of automotive scene in Pakistan. And then comes the hyped Civic X and people thought for once an international class vehicle for the average person would be introduced in Pakistan.

    But then it came and it was more expensive and out of reach of the “average” person, in addition its build quality is worse than Mehran, whereas previously Atlas used to give out the best build quality among the local manufacturers. Atlas could not live upto the hype of Civic X neither could they maintain whatever goodwill they had before, and that’s the result you get.

  • Shahid Aziz

    What does the govt has to do with it, they know we pakistanis would buy anything new, and thus 5000 bookings of this junk with in ten days of announcement

  • Qaiser Majeed

    Very well said.

  • Qasim57

    International 2016 Civic prices seem to be around $26,000 on the Internet…

  • Usman Khawaja

    chussain na maro.. alif bay pata nai ha aur comment esy kar rhy ho jesy 50 sala expierience ho. -_-

    JDM cars are worldwide famous for their quality assembling and making Quality parts.

    new civic dekhi ha jaa k showroom main? -_-

  • Atif

    Regulation? No? Why these Honda and Toyota people recall millions of their vehicles in other countries? Because their governments and regulatory authorities screw them over bad quality products specially if the defects undermine customers’ health / life.

  • Atif

    Why should he or someone not? With a 3 million Rs worth of crap Atlast is trying to sell us, why do you think it should be spared?

  • Sultan Kiani

    Vezel and Prius are better choices. Premio is “executive class sedan”

  • Ahsan

    The problem with the cars you mentioned is that they r not that sporty looking. And honda has always made nice sporty cars till 2012. I was so excited for this new civic. But honda atlas messed it big time.iam still stuck with my 2009 civic. But really have to change but none of the cars in pak excites me. Plz tell me how to import 2016 civic as japan does not produce it anymore.the honda atlas will only stop ripping ppl if all other automakers bring their buisness to pak. India have all other companies. I think its only pak where these companies dont want to invest. And its the ppl of pak who have money but their upper portion is empty. Once the honda atlas sales decline they will learn their lesson and would start making good quality cars…
    Help me with the import thanks.

  • Ahsan

    There is nothing good about civic. There is no doubt civic is the best but what honda atlas has done they should be punished for this. The car is 7 lakh rs overpriced.and all the features r missing. Even if they sell it on 3 million still 2 lakh overpriced atleast bring it with the touring features. I dont even know if the turbo is installed properly..

  • Ahsan

    Waw is it true that its price is that.iam loving it seems like my problem solved.?