Honda Atlas Website Showing Incorrect Information About 2016 Civic!

Just two days back, I wrote a piece on the false information of 2016 Honda Civic that was released by Honda’s dealerships after pre-bookings of Civic started. Granted the lack of information revealed to dealers and that maybe, dealerships do not represent the brand as much as Honda Atlas does, misleading information does not look that bad.

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Now let’s forget about the misleading information dealers released last month and talk about what’s still happening. When Civic launched on Friday and its website surfaced, there were two things which kept on bothering me which I will discuss in this piece. After seeing those errors, in Civic’s website I was convinced that they would be rectified by Honda Atlas in the days to come, but well here we are five days into Civic’s official launch in Pakistan and these errors are still present on PKDM Civic’s official website.

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Wrong information displayed on PKDM Civic's homepage

Wrong information displayed on PKDM Civic’s homepage

You can clearly see in the specification sheet of 2016 Honda Civic VTEC Turbo which shows paddle shifters mentioned with an ‘X’ meaning that they are unavailable. While in reality, VTEC Turbo is the only variant of the new Civic in Pakistan which comes with paddle shifters. Such errors should have never made to a public website in the first place and even if it did, Honda Atlas should have taken notice as this can affect the market reception of their product.

The more confusing bit on Civic’s official web page is the mentioned warranty. As you can see in my screenshot, a 70,000km and three years, limited warranty is mentioned which contradicts, 2016 Civic’s 50,000km and two-year warranty mentioned on its official brochure. Such contrary statements can confuse buyers who already did not have any clue on what will come installed on the car they are booking and now that it’s officially here, the dilemma of confusion prevails.

Correct information mentioned in PKDM Civic's brochure despite the error on Honda Atlas' website

Correct information mentioned in PKDM Civic’s brochure despite the error on Honda Atlas’ website

Correct warranty mentioned in PKDM Civic's brochure despite the error on Honda Atlas' website

Correct warranty mentioned in PKDM Civic’s brochure despite the error on Honda Atlas’ website

What’s more, this is not the first time that Honda Atlas has made such a mistake on their website. If you open Honda Atlas HR-V‘s web page, and scroll down to its price calculator and calculate its price, after the calculation, you will see a page containing “Price Details.”

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Wrong information displayed on Honda Atlas HR-V's price calculator

Wrong information displayed on Honda Atlas HR-V’s price calculator

While everything looks spot on, read the field which mentions the transmission as “1.5 CV-T Prosmatec Transmission,” I hope you already know where I am going with this. Well if you are not that car-savvy, let me point out the errors in this one-liner;

  • Firstly there is no need to mention car’s displacement (1.5) under transmission as it has nothing to do with it!
  • The biggest blunder here is mentioning Prosmatec and CV-T, which are two completely different types of automatic transmission as one type! Referring both of them together shows the negligence of Honda Atlas.

To ease out your nerves, HR-V is equipped with a CV-T gearbox as mentioned correctly in its brochure and even under the specification sheet present on HR-V’s homepage.

The correct information on the spec-sheet of HR-V despite the prevailing errors on its price calculator

The correct information on the spec-sheet of HR-V despite the prevailing errors on its price calculator

What disturbs me the most is that making an error on your official portal is understandable since in Pakistan we are habitual of hurried and misplanned launches, however sticking to the mistake which affects your buyers directly and can easily be corrected is what causes my frustration. I hope, Honda Atlas corrects the incorrect information present on their official pages!

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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Adan Ali

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  • Fazal Wahab

    It shame that multi billion Company Like Atlas cant maintain or update their website about their own products. Who is at fault. Also who was at fault displaying a substandard products? Public as visitor who went with expectations or Atlas who even banking 5 billion in cash could not do a proper launch? Companies cherry pick cars for the launch so that everything is perfect.

    First impression is ever lasting.. Please don’t blame Pakwheelers or any other visitor for this.


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    First of all, you should know that this is a automobile site so everything you see is related to automobiles somehow. Secondly articles on PakWheels don’t depend on you so called “cheap click”.
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    Because they care the damn, because there is a shortage of cars in Pakistan so every junk is going to sell anyway, whether it is crappy quality local manufactured cars, whether it is accidented JDM scrap.

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