Here are 2 Imported People Carriers Instead of Suzuki Bolan in Pakistan

For quite some time now, we only had Suzuki Bolan as a people carrier/loader kind of vehicle in Pakistan. Like Mehran, Ravi and Bolan have been under production for more than a decade now. There was no other substitute to a car like that. Bolan has been long discontinued in other countries of the world but unfortunately or fortunately, however you want to see it, it’s still very much alive and kicking here in Pakistan. Bolan is the ST90V version of Suzuki Carry van. Bolan and Ravi still come with the same 3-cylinder 800 cc engine but since 2012, Pak Suzuki made them EFi. Only manual transmission is offered.

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There were some options, but they were either too big or too expensive. The Toyota Hiace is the most obvious one. But it’s fairly bigger and costlier. Then there was the option of a people carrier like Toyota Liteace or Townace. But that is an ancient story now, and no one is importing these anymore. And then there was Suzuki APV, but it was also bigger and cost more. But the story has changed a bit since the dawn of used imported cars. There are more options in automobiles generally, including this people carrier segment as well. Let’s have a look at a couple of those vehicles.

Suzuki Every

To start with, let talk about Suzuki Every first. Every is made on the same concept. It’s compact, has a high roof, you can fit quite a lot of people inside, and then there is space for your things as well. It is an evolution of what Suzuki Carry aka Bolan used to be. Every van comes with a 660 cc engine. There are both NA and turbo engines (Every Wagon). Best thing is that it has an automatic gearbox. There are manual Every vans as well, but they are a hard find. The gearbox powers the rear wheels like in Bolan. It’s a little smaller than the Bolan but packs quite a punch. The Bolan sized van is called Every Plus or Every Landy but I don’t think any of them were imported. If you are looking for a used Suzuki Every van, you should be able to find one between 8 to 10 lacs depending upon the model and variants. There are of course cheaper and similarly expensive Every van models as well. The Every Wagon can go as high as Rs1.3 million.

Suzuki Every GA

Suzuki Every Wagon

Daihatsu Hijet

The second similar vehicle we have is Daihatsu Hijet. It has the same recipe as the Suzuki Every. It comes with a Daihatsu 660 cc engine and is also rear wheel drive. There are both manual and automatic gearbox options available but just like Suzuki Every van, the manuals are bit hard to find. You have a seat in the middle, and then there is cargo space in the rear. The higher variant comes with sofa seats as well. Hijet is also available with a loading platform like you have in Suzuki Ravi. Currently, Hijet is in its tenth generation. And the Hijet vans available in Pakistan are also mostly this latest tenth gen. A Hijet can be found for as low as six lacs for a 2007 Hiject (9th gen). And newer models will cost you as much as Rs1.1 million.

Both of these are fall in the similar price range and offer solid and tough performance. If you don’t fancy Bolan’s all-wheel drum brakes and want a reliable small van/people carrier, why not try one of these vehicles. Or if none of these float your boat, you can just get a FAW XPV.

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  • Naeem

    Uncle Arif……..please do soe research before you copy paste all articles…….don’t we have brand new FAW carriers available in Pakistan which are 1000 times better then Bolan….

  • Abdullah

    FAW XPV available for 8.9 lakhs in pakistan with 3 years warranty! awesome car

  • Guest

    There are some small vans from Toyota that are also being imported (although bigger the kei category, Toyota does not manufacture kei cars under its own brand name, only under Daihatsu name do they manufacture kei cars).

    The main problem with 660cc vans is low power, too much gear shifting. The drive satisfaction of 660cc is very low. Another issue of the new kei vans is low ground clearance, which you would agree with me is the most important aspect specially for loader vehicles which would sag further under weight.

    FAW is a good van, its plus points are ride comfort, bigger interior, larger wheels, brake booster, tilt seats, projector headlamps, choice of colours, dual A/C, electric/auto fan, better wing mirrors, and good clearance. However the engine has little low end torque, which is necessary for a loading vehicle. Till 3000 RPM, engine just screams and makes no power. Therefore driving pleasure is low from the aspect of engine. FAW manufactures thousands of kinds of engines so why not select a good engine more suitable for Pakistani market and make a killing?

  • Bitter_truth

    makes sense (Y) but engine swapping after investing 8.9laks will be like investing 30-40kapprox more. Don’t know how much does factory fitted engine will return. But your point is valid (Y)

  • Waqas

    Why don’t you suggest inclusion of your newly known car instead of bashing author? Unlike newspaper or any hard copy of magazine. You’re reading this content for free. Apart from free content you get to read valued reviews of experienced people in comments section which you’ll not get otherwise in any newspaper, mag or car brochure. Atleast show some respect. If content here is copy pasted why don’t you follow original source instead.

  • Hamza Latif

    Faw xpv would be the worst option as i have this one and afer running it to 24000 kms i am disappointed.Even suzuki bolan is comfertable which i had before.yes body wise it is very good and handling is also better but the bigest problem is suspension which is worst then every car in pakistan you cannot drive above 40km/h on litte bumpy road stearing wheel also vibrate.second the air conditioner has technical fault of frozning of ice in it after every five minutes i have to turn off ac to run it again company is unable to correct this fault.third ground clearence become very low with 6 persons on it espacially on rear side.fourth first gear is hard to shift its audio system is just a fraud as audio tape is crap and have not a good sound in speakers.i hear very irritating sounds in dashbord and back gates as it is not properly insulated the things in this van is also look very cheap.i had claim of front shock aborbers but all went in vain as suspension remains hard as it was before it has low resail value now i am going to sell it and would buy an imported van.