2016 Honda Civic Will Be Unveiled On September 16 Officially

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Well it’s official, Honda will be unveiling 2016 model of their jewel in the crown, the Civic. The news is fresh out of the oven. Honda America will be unveiling the car in Los Angeles and Detroit on 16th September, 2015. Honda is only going to be launching their standard 4 door sedan. Rest of the variants will be launched later.

Although there are no official news on the power plant of the car, the leaked spec sheet however stated that a 1.5l turbo charged engine with either a 6 speed manual or a Honda CVT transmission will be given. There will be a faster Civic, usually branded as Si in USA, and either it is going to be a naturally aspirated 2.0l engine with either transmissions or a 2.0l turbo engine, with either transmissions. That has to be seen. Although the leaked spec sheet claimed it is going to be a naturally aspirated 2.0l version, there are sources in auto world claiming it is going to be a 2.0l turbo engine.

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We have already seen the renders of the interior and exterior. Here are few renders to jog the memory. We sure are excited about the launch, because this could lead to a speedy launch in Pakistan as well.

2016 Honda Civic Charcoal Gray

2016 Honda Civic Charcoal Gray 6

2016 Honda Civic Charcoal Gray 5

2016 Honda Civic Charcoal Gray 3

2016 Honda Civic Charcoal Gray 2

Source: AutoBlog

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  1. Masroor Gilani says

    When it is going to be launched in Thailand? Because we will get the 2016 Civic after a year it will be launched in Thailand or several years after because what Atlas did with City is before our eyes.

  2. Faisal says

    Honda Atlas cannot introduce the all-new Civic before completing atleast 4 years production run for the current model. So dont expect it in Pakistan anytime before Aug/Sep 2016.

  3. Azhar Manzoor says

    My question is that honda civic going to b launched in Pakistan as well on 16 sep or not. If not when new model of civic n city is going to b launched in Pakistan

  4. Ghayyour says

    Honda Pakistan is aligned with Honda Asia Pacific and either launches new models at the same time or simply skip the new model at all like in case of City where they continued with the older version. But it never happened (exceptions of Tsunami or earthquakes in Japan/Thailand) that they launch their new model several months after regional launch.
    Anyways, I have heard that it will be launched in Asia Pacific in March 2016 and second rumor is June 2016 while third one is September 2016. One wild rumor is; it will be launched within this year (2015)!

  5. Mashood Anwar says

    Ye pakistan me ajae to inqlaab na ajae -__-

  6. Mashood Anwar says

    City ka new 2017 me ayga… civic ka rumor he hai k 2016 September me aigi idr. . Well we cant trust honda atlas at all

  7. BaiG says

    Sales of the current civic has dropped a lot since the launch of new Toyota. In order to revive the sales Honda is planning to launch the new Civic as soon as possilble.

  8. Knightrider2 says

    Faisal you are right

  9. Ali Ali Ahmed says

    Yeah pak ma kb a rhi h

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