Officials Fail To Provide New Car Owners In Karachi With Original Number Plates

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The Supreme Court summoned a meeting on Monday and ordered the authorities to take a strict action against vehicles with non-duty paid, fancy license plates and Applied for Registration (AFR) number plates. Unfortunately the Excise and Taxation department have not yet finalized the tender for supply of number plates for various reasons and so the vehicle owners have to wait for the official license plates to arrive. Number plates were not being issued for vehicles registered in Karachi of the series BCA onwards since August 2014 and last issued number plates were of BBZ series. Before that vehicle owners can use AFR number plates and only can they be used to take the car from the owners house to civic center to obtain original number plates.

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For a numerous time directives have been issued by the court but the authorities fail to implement them every time. Drawbacks of using fancy number plates are that they cannot be verified by the Police and also they have been used in criminal activities. The Police cannot keep a record of such vehicles if they violate traffic rules because there are chances they will be driving with a different number plate the next day. The traffic police representative informed the judges that a crackdown had been launched against the vehicles having AFR or fancy number plates in the city and hundreds of such vehicles have been impounded and shall not be released to their owners until registration by the excise department.

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  1. asad says

    Good news everyone. License plate production to be resumed by mid-october

  2. Riz Haque says

    بھائیوں پولیس والوں کو کون سمجھائے کہ نمبر پلیٹ ایشو کرنے کے لئے بھنگی ایکسائز والوں کو ٹائم چاہیے۔ میری گاڑی پچھلے سال اکتوبر میں آئی ہے مگر نمبر پلیٹ ابھی تک نھیں آئی۔

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