5 Billion Rupees Allocated To Completely Revamp Islamabad Roads

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The prime minister has announced a budget of PKR 5 billion for a complete revamp for the roads of Islamabad with a grand premiere that featured an inauguration of the multi-billion Islamabad Highway widening project.

Under this project, six additional lanes will be added to the highway along with service roads, besides construction of six partial and full interchanges and four underpasses and overpasses. Upon completion there will be four lanes on each side of the highway between the Zero Point to Faizabad and Airport Chowk to Rawat and five lanes will be added on each side of the highway between Faizabad to Airport Chowk.

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The project has two phases; the 12.5 kilometer phase I will include up-gradation of the highway from Zero Point to Koraal (Airport) Chowk at a cost of Rs 8.6 billion and it will be completed within 6 months for which Maksons Construction has been signed up and the 12.5 kilometer phase II will include up-gradation of the highway from Koraal Chowk to Rawat and it will cost Rs 13.16 billion. A time frame for phase-II has not been made available yet. The construction of a few pedestrian bridges, walkways, bus bays, bus shelters and installation of efficient LED lighting systems has also been declared as part of the project.

The contractors have been emphasized to carry out the project within the strict time frame and on international standards. According to him, the capital of the country should be developed according to standards followed by the rest of the work. He also announced plans for linking Rawat with the motorway to provide a bypass and an alternate route to vehicles intending to enter the motorway to avoid city rush. The project has been termed a significant addition to the mega development projects of the capital. He also requested the chairman of the Capital Development Authority to launch an inquiry against the officials who were involved in the delay of execution of the Kashmir Highway Project and financial irregularities in it.

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  1. وجاہت علی says

    well as i live near koral chok i pretty much know how many times they build that koral chok to rawat road & they r gonna make it again!!

  2. Osama Obaid says

    Such a Waste Of Taxpayers’ money… People also exist in rest of country….For Example, There isn’t even a single carpeted road in some district headquarters of Balochistan… While islamabad is getting 6-8 lanes….. Kia Yeh Khula Tazaad Nai….???? :'(

  3. Saad Haji Idris says

    please please build and reconstruct Karachi roads Mr Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif because every where broken roads in Karachi no rulers take serious action on Karachi roads and streets

  4. Ali says

    That road has an issue of heavy traffic which spoils rather destroys the road so it needs repair every 2 yrs

  5. Eltaf Janjua says

    at least
    50% will go to his swiz-bank account : they just play with Billions nothing less

  6. Danish Hasan says

    They need to come to the F-11 part of Margalla Road. Its pretty shabby there. I would say that they should give the whole of Margalla Road a revamp.

  7. وجاہت علی says

    why dont they made it so that they dont need to repair it again!!!

  8. Awes Ahmed Khan says

    i think it’s about time these billions be directed towards improving the critical infrastructure of our motherland. We can’t rely on the bridges and barrages the English left for us a 100 years ago. If preventive maintenance was employed the railway accident today that left 100’s of families in shambles could have been avoided. May Allah guide these moron rulers in the right path.

  9. Naved Ahmed says

    And no one talks about the environment here. I am sure this project will eat up most of the beautiful trees surrounding the highway, especially after faizabad interchange toward zero point.

  10. Aqeel Zia Nayyer says

    its because we dont want to stand the second position of the most beautiful capitals of the world :p

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