5 Driving Mistakes that Could Prove Fatal

To err is human is a common saying. And it’s true. But that doesn’t mean you deliberately start making mistakes to prove that you are a human. And you should try your best to refrain from making mistakes that can cause harm to you or to somebody else. And driving mistakes also rank right up there. The person who is holding the steering wheel or a bike’s handle is usually the first one to face the consequences of his actions. And these consequences can be fatal in extreme cases as well.

And the sad fact is, those who end in an accident never accept their mistake. Every driver tries to put the blame on the other even if it’s their mistake. Some of the most common mistakes done by the drivers include:


Driving is not just about the need or interest. but is also a bigger responsibility. Being distracted while driving on the road is not only putting yourself in danger but also the other people around you. So try your best to avoid using mobile phones (call or SMS), changing the radio stations, again and again, engaging with children or even your pets, or looking at yourself in the mirrors for makeup, etc. You can do all of this when you safely reach your destination. And if there is some emergency call or anything like that, it is always safe to stop and park the car at a safe place at roadside to answer the call. Finish with your call and resume the journey.

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Turning or changing lanes without signaling first

Always try to maintain the speed in the lane you are driving in. If you want to go left or right, always use turn signals so that other motorists around know about it. If you know you will have to change the lane to take an exit or make a turn, don’t wait until the last moment and move the correct lane well in time. You should use turn signals when changing lane as well. It is important especially when driving at high speeds on motorways or highways.

Driving in the wrong direction on one-way roads

It’s a sad fact that driving in the wrong direction on one way is not considered at something illegal. Many consider it as the best possible shortcut. On highway and main roads where U-turns are scarce, people prefer driving on wrong sides to save fuel and time. This is bad for both, the car drivers and the motorcycle riders. This little laziness at your end disrupts the whole flow of the traffic and can cause fatal accidents in the extreme cases.


Tailgating cars in front

Speeding or being unnecessarily quick through the traffic while riding your bike or car and tailgating the vehicles in front can be fatally dangerous. This can be very serious when driving on motorways or on high speeds, especially when the car on the front has a sudden puncture or has to apply emergency brakes. Therefore you must maintain a safe distance from the traffic in front. Such irresponsibility can cause a chain reaction of accidents. Always follow the rule of three seconds when following cars in front. The seconds increase when it’s raining.

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Not wearing seat belts

Even a light accident can disturb a person when on the road. Therefore it is best to take all the available precautions when driving on the road. And seat belts are the best possible safety measure at your disposal. The belt can protect the passengers from extreme bodily harm. The belts protect you from hitting the interior parts of the car. And in extreme cases they will save you from exiting the cabin of the car. And just because your car has air bags, it doesn’t mean that you should stop wearing belts. Hitting an exploding airbag can also hurt you. So always wear belts when driving a car.


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