5 Tips for Preventing a Tire Blowout

A tire blowout is a major and fatal reason of auto-accidents. These few tips will help you in preventing a tire blowout:

Keep Proper Inflation

Under-inflation or over-inflation of the tire is the most common reason of tire blowout. If a tire isn’t properly inflated, its components (rubber, fabric, steel, etc.) flex beyond the designated limits. Underinflated tire flex beyond its elastic limits, gets heated, and rubber’s bond to the fabric and steel gets weak, which may lead to tire’s blowout. To avoid inconvenience, it is recommended to check the air pressure of the tires regularly. For further information on exact air pressure, please click here.

Avoid Overloading

Overloading a vehicle is one of the major reasons of a tire blowout. Excessive weight on a vehicle means too much pressure on the tires that could lead to their damage or blowout. The damage to the tires can go unnoticed, deteriorate with the passage of time and may cause them to blowout.

Avoid Potholes

In Pakistan, the condition of the roads isn’t perfect. Obviously, the presence of potholes can’t be completely avoided, but careful driving can save the tires. Proper inflation of the tires can reduce the chances of damage while hitting a pothole. If hitting a pothole is inevitable, don’t hit the brakes, because it will shift the car’s weight forward and down into the potholes, causing more damage to its tires. After any such incident, it is recommended to carefully examine your vehicle’s tires.

Replace Old Tires

Instead of saving money, it is better and safe to change an old or damaged tire as quickly as possible. The lifespan and condition of the tire are dependent on many factors such as your driving habits, weather, and condition of the roads. Considering all these things, it is crucial to inspect your vehicle’s tires regularly for any deformities, tire bubbles, or any tears, and get them replaced as soon as possible.

Keep Tires Healthy

The best way to avoid a tire blowout is to keep your tires in good condition. You can increase the life of tires and reduce the chances of blowout, by following tire manufacturer’s instructions, having regular inspections, and driving carefully.


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