77% Drivers Think Warming Up Engine Before Driving Helps Save Fuel – Shell Fact or Fiction Survey

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Given that more than half of our nation runs on CNG tell something about the behavior of Pakistani motorists. Motorists of Pakistan want to save on fuel, and many of them go to great lengths in the quest of saving fuel.

Recently, Shell Pakistan conducted a research to find what Pakistani motorists do to save fuel. In the the research, termed as the Shell Fact or Fiction Research Survey, Pakistani motorists were questioned if they use the common practices our ancestors taught us from the times when Suzuki Mehran was actually a new car. The research presented some really cool insights and some responses were pretty interesting.

According to the results, more than 70% of the Pakistani motorists think that saving fuel is very important, but more than 50% of these respondents didn’t know how to actually save fuel.

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Moreover, the results also pointed out the myths drivers believe help them save fuel, such as warming up the engine before driving the car, which apparently more than 75% of the respondents believe to be true. Surprisingly, a majority of motorists (68%) even think that not turning on the heater, air-conditioner, stereos, or even interior lights help them save fuel.

It is an interesting and insightful survey. You can read the full report below:

Keeping the results in mind, Shell Pakistan has taken upon itself to enlighten the Pakistani drivers about fuel efficiency. For that, Shell Pakistan will soon launch a campaign through which it will educate the drivers on how to save fuel and make Pakistan a fuel conserving nation.

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  1. Guest says

    But doesn’t running the AC actually consume more fuel?

  2. Asad says

    super pathetic baseless report. without any fact.

  3. Asad says

    How they determine the fact”ish” or myth”ish” nature of these statements?

  4. Adnan says

    they actually dont know how to save fuel…

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