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Considering the recent developments in Pakistan’s local automotive industry, things are shaping up for the better. In the past year a lot has happened; the implementation of new Auto-Policy (2016-21) helped in paving the way for much needed push of local automobile industry in the right track. The new year is just around the corner, and we thought to make a compilation of all the reviews done by PakWheels crew on different vehicles in 2016.

Honda Vezel

Verdict – If you have a small family of four or fewer people, and you are after a modern vehicle that not only looks good but drives good, has sufficient boot space for everyday use, can take you from one place to another in style and comfort and gives pretty decent fuel average for its size; Vezel is one of the best vehicles for you. Also, if you are looking for a second vehicle for your significant other to haul kids and groceries all day, again, this car is a perfect choice.

Suzuki WagonR

Verdict – If you are looking for a car in the price tag of 1 million pakistani rupees then WagonR is the optimal choice. However, if Pak-Suzuki can offer automatic transmission, add airbags and power windows for rear passengers then this car can compete with any imported (Kei) Japanese car. 

Toyota Altis Grande

Verdict – Auto-retractable side-mirrors, the kind that retracts when you switch off the car, jack-knife key, and dual-sided steering functions instead of single but perhaps the most notable features are the addition of climate control, Dual SRS Airbags, and the much awaited immobilizer; Toyota Indus has introduced all these features at an additional cost of PKR 60,000, which is not much considering the number of these amenities.

Honda Civic 1.5

Verdict – It was, Pak-Wheels, which brought the poor build quality of the new Honda Civic into the publics’ attention. Although, the company has invested efforts to improve the quality of the product but it still needs improvement, because the customer expects everything to be perfect for such an expensive car. There’s still a margin of improvement in the car’s interior quality. The welding between doors is better, but it can be improved. The audio system also needs up-gradation.

Suzuki Alto 2016 JDM

Verdict – The car’s build quality is comparatively better than any locally produced economical or sedan vehicle. Additionally, it’s drive is very smooth and comfortable. Although the biggest concern of any potential buyer will be its price tag of 1.3-1.4 million rupees. Moreover, in this price range a lot of used and new cars are available, which are more attractive to majority of Pakistanis.

Toyota Aqua

Verdict – If you are a single adult, living a corporate lifestyle, this car will suit your lifestyle. It’s relatively small so easy to maintain and drive in the city. It’s cheap to run as well considering it’s a hybrid. And also arguably it’s a good looking car as well. However, if you have a family, and want to run this car as your one and only car of the house, I don’t think it’s a suitable choice. It isn’t exactly practical, and the room inside isn’t sufficient to fit all your family members inside.

Hilux Revo

Verdict – In the local market, if a Pakistani ever wanted to buy a decent 4×4 in the budget of 4 million, then they had the choice of opting for a 10-year old Toyota Prado or any of its old equivalent. On top of that, Toyota Revo (imported) is available at PKR 6 to 6.5 million price range in the local market. But the credit is due to Toyota Indus for doing market research and launching this vehicle in appropriate price brackets. With the optimal 4×4 capabilities and the newly improved engine, this vehicle is a good option for rally drivers. Since many years, Toyota Hilux is the undisputed king in the local 4×4 market. This reign is all credited towards a lack of sufficient competition, nonetheless this new variant comes with much needed improvements in design, interior, suspension and off-road performance as compared to the old Hilux Vigo and it can be called the ‘King’ of Pakistani market.

Honda N-One

Verdict – Every now and then, there comes which completely breaks stereotypes associated with its performance. This car has managed to achieve that. Its turbo embedded motor performs brilliantly and presents admirable fuel economy, with its price tag of 1.1-1.3 million rupee price tag, this car is one of the best choices in the market. However, one should also consider the expensive spare-parts of this car before making the decision to buy it.


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