A customer’s narrative of choosing Suzuki Ciaz over GLi & City


I have recently purchased Suzuki Ciaz and considering its features and performance, I believe that this car is worth its price. Pak-Suzuki has done a commendable job by offering this car in Pakistan. Before we move on to address the why’s and how’s of this statement, I believe it is pertinent to mention that this story will not be focussed on drawing comparisons between cars rather, it will take a more interesting approach on my reasons for choosing Ciaz over other existing market players.

Let’s start off with a little trip down the memory lane of Pak-Suzuki’s attempt to introduce entry-level sedan cars in Pakistan; namely Margalla, Baleno and the disappointing one, Liana. After Margalla, both Baleno and Liana failed to capture the Pakistani market thus could not pose a competition to the likes of Honda City and Corolla GLi. It is, therefore, natural to have doubts about Ciaz as well. However, one personal look at the car changed my perception. The fact that this car is an imported CBU, coupled with my immediate need for a car, high premiums and wait times, the decision was pretty simple.

Following are some exclusive features of Suzuki Ciaz, which Pakistani consumers generally do not get to see in the vehicle of the given class:

  • Dual Airbags
  • Projected headlamps
  • Height adjustment seat (Driver)
  • Availability on control rate (that means no premium)
  • Flat rear bed
  • 510L boot space


From sublime gear changes to lack of any effect on acceleration performance with or without AC, the performance of the car speaks for itself. Since the time I bought this car, I have driven it with both hard and soft foot, its performance has been amazing at all times. However, not all is roses and rainbows with this car. I must admit that the absence of navigation, auto climate control, sunroof, and alloy wheels in Ciaz is disappointing, to say the least. The company should have at least offered alloy wheels and an option to install a navigation head unit. The absence of sunroof can be understood as both Honda & Toyota do not offer the option of the sunroof in City and GLi, which means this is the prevailing norm in this vehicle segment. The plus point, however, is the presence of airbags, projection headlamps, and height adjustment seats. These are only available in Suzuki Ciaz and not its contemporaries.

This must be considered that Suzuki Ciaz was introduced in 2014 and is a relatively modern car than its (globally) outdated competition; 5th generation City, which Honda Atlas introduced back in 2009. Add the safety features, build quality and ergonomically architected cabin space; the car is ahead of its competition in many ways.

I bought this car a couple of months back and so far my time with it is nothing less than a love affair. With more than 13 KMPL in city and 16 KMPL on the highway, the car’s average is extremely impressive. It is also appreciative that it refuses to buckle when asked to perform with a full house, additional luggage or on tough terrains. The best features of this car for me are:

  1. Height adjustment (it’s a joy to ride the car with a higher seat)
  2. Two airbags
  3. 510L boot space (you can put a lot of stuff in there and still have space left)

The turndowns include:

  1. Skinny tyres
  2. Absence of alloy wheels
  3. No option of getting a satellite navigation headset

Even though I am not a fan of Suzuki, I must appreciate the company for this initiative in the segment. Ciaz has helped redeem Suzuki’s reputation globally and I personally feel, given enough time, this car can deliver the same here in Pakistan. Considering the stark uprise in the demand of automobiles in the country, desperate consumers will turn to this car and inevitably bolster its sales.



Haris Mahmood

Haris is currently studying B.Sc of Electrical Engineering from University Of Central Punjab. He is a 23 year old petrol head aiming to explore and highlight the achievements of local auto industry.

Notable Replies

  1. So the take home point of this article (probably paid content) was that buy Ciaz if you like height adjustable driver seat and vehicle available without wait.

    All other points were not convincing at all and considering the price bracket it's unwise to buy Ciaz.

  2. In all honesty I drove a friend's Ciaz and it is a very good car. The ride, drive comfort, goodies and everything is seriously very good. It felt like a good quality product as well and far superior to City

    BUT, at this price everything goes in vain. It is absolutely ridiculously priced and at this price with about 21 after registration I would buy a 1.6 Altis.

    Suzuki is shooting themselves in the foot with their pricing strategy. 2 million for a car without any future is insane in my opinion. Even the waiting period tag doesn't make it attractive at this price. The waiting period will have to be tolerated on its resale instead... lolz

    So my thoughts are: if you want to buy a Suzuki Ciaz, get an Altis

  3. Hahaha, now that you mentioned Cultus for 14 Lakhs, there is a reason why Honda is still successful in selling huge numbers of their one generation old crappy City. The reason is simple and its cars like Cultus and Swift which are supporting and helping the sales of Honda if you look at it.

    1391 for Cultus VXL and 1533 for City Manual. Any sane person would prefer borrowing some money or get a bank finance and spend that extra 142,000 for a car which is having a proper boot. I am not bringing the JDM options into consideration atm for the used vs new reason.

    A proper car i.e. City is 10% more price but its at least 40% more of a car.

  4. @qazizshan and @osamaeh both have a total of 03 post in Pakwheels and all are on this thread, One account was made in april and the other account was made specifically for this one comment.

    Please Shitzuki use better tactics

  5. Where do Japanese cars come from sir?
    They are surely not out of this world. I have driven those cars and found them just like any other car. Please dont judge a car by how many buttons and toon taan it has, not to forget the shittiest of the shapes.

    In the sedan category PKDM corolla city civic are absolutely fine cars. For example the paint quality is absolutely OK which Pakwheels is always crying about.

    I rented a Chevrolet Cruze and a VW Passat in the US for sometime. I could not spot a difference in the quality of their and our cars. The all famous orange peel was there on those cars as well.

    Pakistanis as a nation lack Pride and have a habit of crying. They are taught not to feel proud about what they have.

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