Alloy Wheels: All you need to know

People have different preferences and point of views on different matters; same is the case with choosing wheels, some like to drive their cars with steel wheels, whereas some prefer alloy and carbon fiber wheels– this type of wheel is rarely used on regular roads. In this blog, we will discuss the pros and cons of having alloy wheels. The main difference between all these different types of wheels lies in their durability and appearance. Before, venturing into the topic, it is important to mention here that has also written blogs on all types of tyres which exists in Pakistan such as summer tyres, winter tyres, all-season tyres and weather tyres if you guys want to know about them go and check them yourself.

The alloy wheels are the types of wheels that are made from the alloy of aluminum or magnesium. These types of wheels are usually lighter and provide better thermal conduction. At first, the alloy wheels were made using magnesium, but as the aluminum casting got better, it took over magnesium alloy wheels as low cost and high-performance wheel.


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Below are the pros and cons of using alloy wheels.


  • Alloy wheels are usually lighter than its steel counterpart, which helps in improvement of handling by reducing unsprung mass
  • Less weight leads to less strain on the suspension components
  • The alloy wheels are agiler and give better acceleration and can also be customized in different designs and sizes   
  • The heat dissipates easily in alloy wheels from brake components than the steel wheels
  • Alloy wheels are manufactured using casting or forged methods. The forged alloy wheels are lighter, stronger but more expensive than the casting alloy wheels


  • The main problem with alloy wheels is that they break or crack relatively easier than the steel wheels, this is one of the main reasons people opt to choose steel wheels
  • The alloy wheels are expensive than its steel counterpart
  • Alloy wheels are vulnerable to saltwater corrosion and acid cleaners

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These are a few pros and cons of alloy wheels, if you have more, drop them in the comments section below.