Alto and Coure to be discontinued as Pakwheels reported six months ago

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As we reported six months ago that Suzuki will discontinue its Alto, now, Pak Suzuki has hinted at suspending the production of Alto and the dealers and vendors can take parts til May 2012.

Vendors had been notified earlier about the future of Alto while Pak Suzuki sighted the reason for its suspension that Japan no longer make Alto’s 1000cc engine but India does however, due to lack of free-trade agreement with India, Pak Suzuki cannot import these engines from them.

We also reported that Pak Suzuki is working on to replace the 1000cc Alto with Wagon-R however, Pak Suzuki has revealed no information about its future, but our sources said, that it is going to be replaced by Wagon-R and work has already began on introducing the Wagon-R.

Indus Motors has also notified that it has discontinued Coure due to poor sales while the main reason behind their suspension is the lack of engines as Japan does no longer makes them.

Production and sale of Cuore slowed in the last five months amid news about suspension of production. In July-November 2011, a total of 1,865 and 1,723 units were produced and sold, respectively, as compared to 2,708 and 2,648 units in the same period of 2010.

Analyst believe that a vacuum will be created in the hot 800-1000cc market which may push the demand of Mehran upwards making it even more pricey than what its actually worth.

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  1. Vasif says

    Japense car maker is treating the market of Pakistan as if it is a poor dumb country and it itself is a cheap chinese brand. Suzuki is a Japenese car maker and it needs to bring in new and quality made cars instead of the cheap quality and outdated stuff it has been selling us for decades.

  2. Noaman Azhar says


  3. Sarmad says

    What would be expected price of WAGONR? How it will be better than Alto? Can you kindly elaborate pl.

  4. M Abdullah says

    Expected price of WAGNER? How it will be better than ALTO? Can elaborate pl.

  5. bbbbbbb says

    what will be the impact on market?i intend to buy it?should i go ahead?

  6. imran says

    Coure is a good car

  7. mobeen says

    mehran should b ban but it could b bcz we have no other option in 5 lakh, suzuki must b introduce a 650 cc cars not imported, and coure was good car it has low depriciation and economical car……….Mehran Pakistan zinda bad

  8. mj says

    i comment on mehran . c mehran is a starter of ur early life
    supose u r having a dinner at decent hotel first u go with satarter like ( salad and soop )
    dan after 10 min a dinner wil be surve to u , and u enjoy alot with ur family .
    like wise mehran is cheaper and easy move able care , i also dislike this care but when i got job i need a car
    i decided to by a good one but as u people know the market is too much high since last 2 year and its going one
    the way good knows where it could b to stop ,

  9. Muhammad Asad Bhatti says

    Mehran being a most popular suzuki car should come in new shape with same engine po

  10. ahmed faisal says

    when new coure model will available in market



  11. Bilal says

    i Think that Japanese reconditioned vehicles will soon take the place of both mehran and alto and will start threatening the sales of cultus and swift

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