Auto industry jobs in danger, says Chairman APDMA

After the issuance of SRO 1067(1)/2017 last year, the local automobile market still is in a frenzied state. Local importers are criticising the government and are demanding to withdraw its policy. However, on the other hand, the government officials are asserting that they have strengthened used car import policy to lessen trade deficit of the country and to put a stop to its misuse by some people. Moreover, they said the import policy was introduced to facilitate Pakistanis living abroad not for other purposes.

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The debate is still ongoing; which side is right and which is not. However, while giving interview to Pakistan Today, the chairman of APDMA HM Shahzad said that government’s current policy to restrict the import of used cars in the country and eventually halting it would be devastating as around 0.7mn locals will lose their jobs in the process.

He further asserted that they are thankful to the government for letting them clear their vehicles from the port according to the previous policy, but this is a temporary solution, the government should take necessary actions to resolve the issue. Mr Shahzad also said not only people would lose the job, but the national treasury will face PKR 80 billion revenue loss which it gains through duties.

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He alleged government for siding with the local automakers and also said that halting the import of used car will not benefit the consumer.

It is to be noted here that after the government introduced SRO 1067(1)/2017, the local automakers are on the offence and have increased the prices of their vehicles. And to our amazement, the premium on cars is all-time high in the country. has done an extensive research on the matter and is not taking any sides; we only consider ourselves the voice of millions of consumers across Pakistan. So, the government should give consumers an alternate mean to buy cars without paying the premium and in short delivery time as they are the ones suffering in this situation.

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New automakers are coming into the country, some have even started building assembly plants as well; such as Hyundai. Let’s hope this brings diversity to our local automotive industry.

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