Govt agrees to clear imported used cars on old duty structure

All Pakistan Motor Dealers Association Chairman H.M Shahzad told the media that the Ministry of Commerce has decided to clear imported used cars stranded on Karachi port on the old duty structure. Around 7000 vehicles are stranded on the port, waiting to be cleared, and as a result causing some serious issues for the port authorities. After the new duty and taxes designed to curtail the misuse of various import procedure, importers decided to not clear their vehicles on the newly imposed change in the procedure of duty.

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Mr Shahzad mentioned that Younus Dagha, the Commerce Secretary, has assured Mr Chairman that the previously imported cars will be taxed on the previous procedure of duty and tax payment. However, it is important to mention here that for now this is all hearsay and there is no official Government of Pakistan statement/document regarding this particular matter. The matter is still in the courts, and it is possible that the used car dealers even go on strike if their demands are not met.

Mr Chairman further said that All Pakistan Motor Dealers Association representatives will be meeting the Commerce Secretary in coming weeks to further discuss the future plans regarding the new import duty as well as the payment structure. If the current batch of stuck vehicles at the port are let go, it might just be a one-time opportunity.

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