Banned auto parts shipment to Kabul granted

With the approval of federal cabinet, the Commerce Ministry of Pakistan has allowed the shipment of banned spare auto parts of Toyota vehicles from Karachi to Kabul. The shipment was coming for United Nations Mission located in Afghanistan. It is to be noted here that Commerce Ministry has imposed restrictions on auto parts through which they cannot ship to Afghanistan in an effort to filter out smuggling. The automobile parts cannot ship to Afghanistan through air, land and sea, says the ministry.

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According to the details available to us, the auto parts were brought to the port despite the ban on their shipment to Afghanistan. And after they arrived at the port, the United Nations Assistance Mission asserted pressure on the authorities to clear them as according to them the goods had arrived at the port and that they were forced to pay more demurrage due to delay in their clearance.

The Commerce Ministry then placed the matter in a federal cabinet meeting, as according to the ruling of Supreme Court in such cases only federal cabinet can grant permission, and sought their permission to allow automobile parts to ship to Afghanistan.

According to a local media outlet, the ministry told the cabinet that UN assistance mission had requested Pakistan to allow it to transport containers containing 51 packages of spare auto parts to Afghanistan. And after reviewing the full summary which the ministry presented to cabinet, it granted its approval to transport those said containers of Toyota vehicle auto parts to Kabul, Afghanistan.

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