Honda BR-V outran Toyota Fortuner in the sales with 601 units in February

The fluctuation in the car market is constant. But, ever since the launch of Honda BR-V, the car has been a successful sold throughout.

Recently, according to the sales and production data published by Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA), the monthly sale of Honda BR-V for February was 601 out of 574 production units. In comparison, out of 366 units of Toyota Fortuner, only 184 units were sold in February 2018. However, last year in the same month, Toyota produced 152 units of Fortuner and the no. of units sold were higher with 237.

Coming towards the 1300cc category, the no. of cars in this category were sold more than the no. of units produced. And if compared with January 2018, the no. of units produced was higher in January and units sold were less.

Honda City and Civic

The total of 3900 units of Honda City and Civic were sold out of 3778 cumulatively in February, this year. And looking back at the sales of February 2017, the total no. of units sold was 3762.

 Suzuki Swift

This year, the total no. of units produced of Suzuki Swift was 412, and the no. of units sold is higher with 479 sold units in February. And last year in the same month, the total no. produced was 392, out of which 348 units were sold (37.6% MoM increase).

Toyota Corolla

The same like above two, Toyota Corolla sold 4034 units than units were produced, which were 3955 in February, this year. But, last year in February 2017, the company produced 4648 units, out of which 4625 were sold. That is a decrease of -12.7% on the MoM basis.

Suzuki Cultus

In 1000 cc category, the total no. of Suzuki Cultus sold was 2150, which is higher than its production no. that was 1716 in February 2018. However, in January too, the no. of units sold of Suzuki Cultus was higher than the units produced. Considering the new AGS Cultus has also been launched, it will be interesting to see how would it perform compared to its manual versions.

Suzuki WagonR

In February 2018, the total no. of Suzuki WagonR units produced were 2191, out of which 2092 were sold. And comparing with the units sold last year in the same month, it was 1645 units sold out of 1788 (27.1% MoM increase).

Suzuki Mehran

Suzuki Mehran is the evergreen car of Pakistan. In February 2018, the total no. of Mehran produced were 3833, and sold were 4360. However, if compared to the last year February, the total units produced were 3403, out of which 3360 were sold (29.7% MoM increase).

Suzuki Bolan

The total units of Suzuki Bolan produced were 1748, and no. of units sold was 2012 in the month of February, this year. But, last year the difference between the units sold and produced was not that big. The total no. produced in 2017 February was 1635 and the no. of Bolan sold was 1638 (22.8% MoM increase).



This year in February, total no. of Honda Bikes produced was 84,556, and no. of units sold were higher making it 84,630. However, in the same month last year, the total of Honda bikes produced were 81,350, out of which 81,271 bikes were sold. Atlas Honda made a record in January and sold more than 100,000 bikes. One can say compared to January 2018, Atlas Honda didn’t do that well and sold only 84,630 but comparing it to February 2017, that is an increase of 4% on the month-on-month basis.


The difference in total no. of Suzuki Bikes produced and sold in February 2018 is huge, with 1736 units produced and units sold were 2055. But, in 2017 February, the total no. of bikes produced was 1634 and sold was 1693.


As compared to February 2017, the total no. of Yamaha bikes produced in February 2018 was higher with 1587 units and out of which 1503 units were sold. However, in February last year, the sold units were 890 (68.8% MoM increase).

United Auto Motorcycle

The total no. of United bike produced in February was 31820, and the no. of units sold was 32,396, which is higher than the production. Last year in the same month, the no. of production and sales was same – 24391 units.

The total number of cars sold in February 2018 was 19,027 whereas, in Feb2017, it was 17,119. That is an increase of 11.1%. Similarly, in February 2018, the total number of motorcycles sold was 146,310 whereas, in Feb2017, it was 135,507 units. That is an increase of 7.8%. It would not be wrong to say that on the month-on-month basis, Pakistan’s auto industry is doing pretty well.

**Disclaimer: This data is taken from the website of PAMA, and PakWheels will not be responsible for any discrepancy in the given data.

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  1. Why on earth brv and fortuner sales are compared ? One can buy 2 brvs in fortuner price and still keep 10 lacs for years of fuel.

  2. Both are seven seater thats why

  3. Apart from the fact that this is a pointless comparison (if being 7 seater is a valid comparison, bring in the Suzuki Bolan as well), do note that Fortuner was only available partially due to facelift of the model.

    However, as mentioned above by other forumers, there is no point in comparison. If I needed a 7 seater, I won't simply have a choice to buy either a BR-V or a Fortuner unless I have Rs. 6.5m in spare or around 40 lacs more than a BRV.

  4. V2 is better than ugly wagon R local is picking up market as well....with ensured technical supportability....recommended and preferred option over Suzuki ...

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