ITP is watching: Violators to get fines at their homes

In a bid to stop traffic violations in the city Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) has introduced yet another initiative under its Safe City Project. According to the details, if someone violates any traffic rule and regulation and gets away with it due to no traffic warden present at the scene, he/she shall receive the ticket/challan at his/her house. The police will use the already installed cameras as well as the speed cameras in this regard which according to the authority, has also been installed in the city, so beware before breaking the law.

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The authority announced the launching of the new initiative on its official Facebook account which is as follow:

“Be Aware! Safe City Challan is now on, and it will be at your doorstep”.

The initiative is indeed a positive step taken by the ITP; however, there remain questions regarding how effective is it? Few of the basic questions are mentioned below:

The first question is if someone is from another city and they break the law and gets away with it, how the authority will send him the challan? Secondly, if someone is using a fake number plate then how will they send him the ticket, let alone finding the original address of his house. Sometimes, people don’t even live at the address that has been recorded at ETO (change of residence). How updated are ETO’s records, that is also another question. Let’s see how ITP tackle these important issues.

In the past few months, Islamabad Traffic Police has introduced many new projects and programs for the people of Islamabad to educate them and to give them a sigh of relief while they travel through the city. The authority has introduced Park Secure, E-ticketing system and Virtual Driver Training Simulators in the city.

That’s from our side. What do you think about these initiatives, tell us in the comments section below?

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