Car dealers protest against the new car registration system

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Lahore: Excise and Taxation department replaced the previously used one-page registration paper with a new passport-size book for car registration featuring special security which has become mandatory for all buyers and sellers of vehicles to get these new books however, those with no intention of selling their car may continue using the old registration paper but they must pay yearly token fee on them.

Car dealers have also protested in Lahore against the new system as the book which costs RS 500 now has an expiry date of 5 years, not from the day of issuing of the book rather from date of the car was registered.

For example, if you got a new booklet in 2010 and the model of the car you own is 2006, than your book will expire next year and you will have to get a new one.

Moreover, the flaws of systems do not end here as this is merely the beginning. The sale deed also has an expiry of only one month after the day of being issued from the department and furthermore, the sale deed does not state the price on which the car was sold creating problems for both the buyer and seller.

To complicate matters further for buyers and sellers, the new book does not have vital information: It does not state the color of the car, the date the car was imported or transferred. It states the name of the first owner and the current owner, but not the people who owned the car in between. It also does not bear the name or stamp of the E&T office where it was issued.

In the new registration policy, a one-time token fee of 10,000 has become mandatory on which FBR has objected because it received less money while when people had to pay yearly, the total accumulated was more.

Source: Tribune

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