Car Ownership Diaries: What To Expect From A Used Suzuki Cultus

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Recently, I purchased a Suzuki Cultus just for the heck of it and this is my story.

I wanted a smaller car for local errands. I have a 2000 Civic as my primary car, and I have loved it to the core for the last “N” number of years. To others it may be a primitive shaped 4 pot with prehistoric interior and no fancy goodies like ‘eco idling’ and ‘multimedia steering’, but to me, it represents a lot more. Civics are not classics, they will never be. But with the limited choice of cars we had here in the 1990s and early 2000s, a well-kept 2000 Civic is not easy to come by. Call me conservative, but I love cars for where they’ve taken me, and this has taken me to far far places. Hence, the love is strong with this one – strong enough to make me shed a tear or two each time I have to take it to places like Icchra and Anarkali where a teenage biker can just draw a scratch on its fender with his rusted number plate, look back and say ‘soery (not sorry) bhai’.

I was looking for something under 400k, and my conditions weren’t exactly tight. I just wanted something newer than year 2000 and with cheap spares. The choices were the all common Cuore and Santro and Alto and Mehran. I had kept an Alto almost a decade ago and didn’t really like it. I sat in a Cuore but it was too cramped. I’ve always liked Santro but my friends scared me with the high maintenance cost. Mehran – I just couldn’t find a justification of spending a good 400k on a Mehran.

So one day my favorite dealer friend, a guy with a showroom at Samanabad, called me and said, “I have a car for you. It’s a 2004 Cultus VXR in silver color, Lahore registered in 370k.” My first reaction was (in Lilly’s voice) “Where’s the poop?” I know these ladies, even older ones, cost an arm and a leg (for no reason understandable whatsoever).  I knew on any other day this would’ve cost me north of 500k. Hence my question to which he replied “It has a duplicate registration book”. That didn’t matter to me so I gave him a go ahead.

When I drove the car, my initial thoughts were of regret. The suspension made noises I had never heard before in my car driving history. The bumpers barely clung to the body in multiple pieces and the rear lights had enough water in them to irrigate a small sugarcane farm. The engine was really good though.

So I took it to the mechanic straight away and asked him to fix everything. Eight hours, six cups of tea and some hot political discussions later he shocked me with the bill. A little shy of 9 thousand rupees to fix a car which looked unfixable. Just to give you a slight idea – 610 rupees for a locally manufactured bumper. It looked cheap, but hey, who cares? 2000 rupees for a pair of rear lights. The whole indicator assembly for 1000 rupees. Suspension work – all A class material (couldn’t compromise on that) – 3000 rupees.

The Cultus lovers in my company had told me a lot of great things about owning this piece of automotive excellence. One of them was it being dirt cheap to maintain. And that was proven correct.

The other things I was told were, in no particular order,

  1. It drives like a big car
  2. It’s super economical on fuel
  3. It handles like a go-cart
  4. The drive is buttery smooth, and
  5. The cabin is really quiet

My experience?

  1. Wrong
  2. Wrong
  3. Wrong
  4. Wrong, and
  5. Very wrong

It drives like a Cultus, nothing more, nothing less. It is NOT super economical on fuel – I’ve gotten 12kmpl at max, which is not ‘great’ by today’s standards. My 1.6L Civic gives me that kind of economy; my E90 335i Twin Turbo gives me a tad lesser. It does not handle like a go-cart, not even close. It’s just a bit lower than all those Mehrans and Altos and being closer to the ground gives you the fake sense of control. With those soft suspensions, you shouldn’t even be thinking about cornering. Smoothness of the drive – no, not at all. Alright it is smoother than a Mehran or an Alto, but nowhere near a Santro. Santro is smooth. Cultus is not smooth enough to be boasting about smoothness of drive. The cabin noise – well filtering all the internal rattles of the cheap plastic used in doors and dashboard, it is still not quiet by any standards.

So is it a keeper? Absolutely yes! If you’re travelling frequently to places where you’re afraid of mixing your intestines with the rest of your internals, this is the car to take. If there’s someone in your family who wants to learn how to drive, Cultus is the car. If you travel to fish market, fruit market, or places where you would just want to blend in and be invisible, buy a Cultus. The rear sitting space and legroom is actually pretty generous by local hatchback standards.

And then there is the resale.. A bad Honda Civic for instance does not just have a bad resale – it has ZERO resale. A bad Civic is not sellable. Period. A Cultus however is sellable, nay desirable, in any condition. A beat up, repainted, dirty interior, twin shaded Cultus parked on its roof will still sell. All I have been busy since buying this car is getting offers, and some pretty decent ones.

The desirability also makes it very prone to theft. You may laugh if you want, but this is the only car I may consider getting insured.

So if you’re in the market to buy a second car in under 500k budget which you can ram around, blend in and sell whenever you want, you can’t go wrong with a Suzuki Cultus.

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  1. Ahmad Saeed says

    Khurram what a read! Sir big fan 🙂

  2. Cultus is right then>>>.....?? says

    Lol, I was about to study but then your blog came onto facebook…………..

  3. Umar Sheraz says

    agreed i also bought cultus with same things in mind but except the spaciousness as compared to hatchbacks the rest was wrong i found mine good on motorway with 17kmpl but in city it is giving 12 to 13kmpl

    i still own a 2007 carby cultus and planning to move to wagon r or jdm

  4. Fazal Wahab says

    13 years ago when I was in Pakistan, I was so much after my boss getting a new car and a Cultus. I was having a 2002 Khyber at that time. I think I was lucky I didn’t get 😉

  5. Muhammad Bilal Arif says

    great writing, but I’ll have to disagree with you on one aspect and that is the driving pleasure, it sure does handle like a go-kart.

  6. Hadi Hassan says

    what else do you expect in 370K…..a limo !!

  7. ATIF GONDAL says

    truly agree with you
    CULTUS is totally scrap

  8. Vega says

    A good read. BTW you should also look into toyota Duet. That car drives very good and not that expensive to maintain and you should get one around 400k

  9. Sheheryar Khan says

    Still have 2005 model its very noisy its doors & stuff are not quite.

  10. Khurram Altaf says

    Duet is a good car, but it isn’t exactly cheap to maintain. Especially when your benchmark is Suzuki.

  11. Khurram Altaf says

    Soery bhai.

    The thing is people who earn money themselves want bang for each buck be it 370k or 170k or just 70k.

  12. Khurram Altaf says

    Thank you!

    As for go cart, I beg to differ. A mini cooper drives like a go-cart. For cultus I’d remove the ‘go’ part.

  13. Khurram Altaf says

    Haha. BTW, Khyber was discontinued in 2000, no?

  14. Khurram Altaf says

    The Wagon R’s engine is sweet. Can’t say if I dig the whole package though.

    JDMs are going to be a shocker in maintenance coming from a Cultus..except a 1999-2004 Vitz – that is cheap to maintain from used car market.

  15. Khurram Altaf says

    Thank you Ahmed, zarra nawazi hai apki 🙂

  16. Khurram Altaf says

    I’ve found a solution to that. I got the music system fixed and now I can’t hear the rattles.

  17. H__3 says

    Enjoyed reading it 🙂 You should write someday about your Civic too. I have considered many times buying one – almost bought a 1999 once but everyone always tell me that its super expensive to maintain especially when compared to a Corolla.

  18. Muhammad Bilal Arif says

    Well it would be ridiculous to compare a Cultus to a Mini, keeping in mind the price difference. You shall compare it to a Santro or Vitz for that matter but no Mini or VW!

  19. Fazal Wahab says

    the car registration I had was LXH 6286. which Is till running on roads of Rawalpindi. I wanted to say in 2002, I had Khyber. The Khyber I drove even had a stock RPM in cluster as well as rear wiper blade. A stock central console as well. Not sure if it was a Japanese import or what.?

  20. Khurram Altaf says

    The parts aren’t expensive tbh. Its the need of changing the parts more often in Civic in case of careless driving.

    So if you drive with care, I’d suggest you grab one while you can. You won’t look back.

    Just one thing – buy an extraordinary car. Few things are more expensive in Pakistan than a cheap Civic.

  21. Khurram Altaf says

    You have a point. Lets lose the go-cart part altogether.

  22. Khurram Altaf says

    Yep, that’d be 1999 registered. From what you’ve mentioned of it, it does seem like an import.

  23. Shahid Mehmood says

    I have bought a 2010 Brand New Cultus, and still my experience is more or less same.. I have changed its door locks to japanese one, now doors are more comfortable to close, changed its Back View Mirror(center) with JDM Cultus, now i have Day/Night mirror. COnverted it to EPS, and much more. Still it doesnt have a Rear Windshield Wiper Blade, no third brake light, and many still lack things from a JDM Cultus. I had paid 885,000 exFactory price at that time and i think it was a big amount at that time.

    Before cultus we have 2000 City; which was in much better condition than a Brand New Cultus. I regret selling it.

  24. Haseeb Ehsan says


  25. Haseeb Ehsan says

    u write great!

  26. Haseeb Ehsan says

    lolz.. same wd me

  27. Hassan says

    you would definitely agree 🙂

  28. Shahmir says

    Cultus replacement = FAW V2

  29. Fawad says

    Great article

  30. Bilal Siddique says

    Great article but still what else choice do u have in 1000 CC. I am planning to buy a car (Company Maintained) and its really very confusing. i have regular traveler on long route therefore i need a car according to my requirements. But i am surprised when i visited market of JDM vs Local. there is only one option of 1000 CC car i.e. Passo in my range, although local cars are really a scrape but still has demand even suzuki cultus has OOn value of 40000 Rs if u want urgent delivery. in my case company offered me a budget of 1.1 million to buy any unregistered vehicle but unfortunately i do not have any option rather then to buy Suzuki Cultus. Few comparison i made

  31. Agha Mohsin says

    Driving Cultus from last seven years and no doubt Cultus is good in all aspects , it can carry even four healthy passengers on back seats and two in front and will go like you are driving with max two or three , so i’m happy having it

  32. Saad ullah says

    I can rather say I’m one of the few who got that himym reference

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