China’s Biggest EV Chargers Manufacturer Coming To Pakistan

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Electric Vehicles are the new normal in the world, and Pakistan is going along with the plan. With more auto manufacturing companies launching their EVs, there’s an increasing demand for electric vehicles and chargers in the country. China’s RNL Technologies has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Pakistan’s Dynamic Engineering and Automation (DEA) to start manufacturing EV chargers in Pakistan.

RNL Technologies is one of the largest EV charger manufacturers and suppliers in China. DEA is one of the valued energy solution providers in Pakistan and abroad. The two companies are partnering to build EV chargers for the Pakistani market. 

DEA CEO Owais Mir said, “RNL is willing to help DEA in every way possible to establish and grow this sector in a sustainable manner in Pakistan. DEA has already had a vast experience in fulfilling the energy demand of the country by its LPG air mix and LNG solutions and now DEA wants to do the same for the EV sector based on our previous knowledge and experience.” 

Mir further said that after the announcement of the new EV policy, the market demand for EVs had increased and more new EV manufacturers are coming to Pakistan. At first, there was only one EV, the Audi E-Tron but now MG and Hyundai are also launching their EVs soon. With the increase in EVs, the demand for their charging stations has also increased.

Mir said that DEA as an energy solution provider is keen to put its knowledge and experience to take part in this sector and establish a chain of EV charging stations across the country on motorways, highways, and intercity on gas stations and shopping malls.

An excellent initiative by DEA and RNL Technologies. Currently, Pakistan is behind other countries in the race of EV technology. With such innovations and setups, our auto industry can go ahead at a faster pace. 

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