CNG prices surge by PKR 22

The Federal Government of Pakistan has increased the prices of CNG in the country by PKR 22 per kilogram.

It was being reported that the government owing to the increase in the prices of natural gas will also soar the rates of CNG. The action by the government has been harshly criticized by local transporters and the general public that commutes through public transport.

With the increase in rates, CNG stations in KP have jacked up the prices of CNG from PKR 96 to PKR 118 per kilogram. Moreover, on the other hand, transporters have also raised the fare. Additionally, the transporters of Karachi have warned the government to take back the decision or face the strike.

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Aside from increasing the rates of CNG, the government has maintained the prices of the petroleum products in the country for October 2018. Earlier, Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority recommended increasing the prices of petroleum products by up to PKR 4.41.

As of now, the General Sales Tax on diesel is 17.5% and 4.50% on petrol. Furthermore, the sales of gasoline in the first quarter of the Fiscal Year 2019 has dropped by 2% to 1.896m tonnes whereas, on the other hand, the sales of diesel has been dropped by 19%.

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Notable Replies

  1. dakoon says:

    Allah raham farmayae .yeh hakumat walae sarae zalim aur Bateman log ha .inkae Andre dil naam ki cheeze nahi ha

  2. aa78 says:

    Why does public transport use CNG when they charge rates according to diesel usage? If they use CNG, their fares should be according to CNG.

  3. @aa78
    Public Transport uses CNG as per the instructions of Musharaf's Government as CNG was considered a cleaner fuel for environment as compare to diesel. As for their fares what you considered should be the fares when using CNG. As now CNG and diesel are almost leveled in terms of price.

  4. aa78 says:

    It's the same with taxis. They charge fare according to petrol rates but drive on CNG. It is unethical and dishonest.

  5. @aa78
    Bhai, what is ethical and honest thing we do in Pakistan. Our corrupt leaders are also tax filers as per rules of election commission for being eligible for election and are making laws for the masses this is most unethical and dishonest thing one could say happening in Pakistan.

    These so called leaders make decision like these with the motto that "Gareeb per koi asar nahi paray ga", I don't know what people, they think are Gareeb.

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