Motorcyclist killing in the capital: Col Joseph’s name placed on blacklist

In an interesting turn of events, Interior Ministry of Pakistan has blacklisted the US defense and air attache who killed a motorcyclist in Islamabad. He is not permitted to leave the country without the permission. This revelation came in at a hearing in Islamabad High Court.

Deputy Attorney General Raja Khalid told the court that indeed they had placed his name in blacklist; however, he cannot be detained or trialed as he has diplomatic immunity.

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Previously, it was reported by many local media outlets that Interior Ministry has decided not to place Col Joseph Emanuel’s, a US diplomat, name in Exit Control List (ECL). The Deputy General also explained in the court that placing someone’s name in ECL was a very lengthy process, putting the name in blacklist serves the same purposes.

We will put his name in ECL if required, he further asserted.

Col Joseph Emanuel, a US diplomat, defied traffic law and hit a motorcycle at the intersection of Margalla Road and 7th Avenue at the start of this month. The rider named Ateeq died on the spot, while the other whose name was reported as Raheel received severe injuries.

The killing of a Pakistani by an American diplomat was harshly criticised by the locals, the protest was held across the country. The protesters were demanding justice for the deceased. The father of deceased has filed a petition in this regard.

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