Confirmed: Honda Atlas to Introduce BR-V in Pakistan

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If multiple car launches weren’t enough last year, 2017 is already showing potential to outshine every other year regarding automotive industry growth in Pakistan. With Suzuki Vitara and Toyota Fortuner’s advertising campaigns running strong; Honda Atlas is seemingly gearing up to increase competition in the local automotive market. The dice of change in automotive industry, which was rolled by Honda Atlas by launching the 10th generation Honda Civic last year, has come back once more in company’s court, and this time things are looking up quite promising.

For the past couple of days many PakWheelers would have easily noticed banners stating ‘Are you Ready?’ on Honda Atlas‘ website and social media platforms, well we would like to put this increased curiosity to rest by saying that yes Honda Atlas is launching a new entrant in Pakistan. PakWheels sources have confirmed that the company is launching Honda BR-V. The interesting thing here is that this new car is expected to be priced in the range of 2.2-2.5 million rupees and could be launched in the February or March of this year. Additionally, if the company does decide to price this vehicle with the above-mentioned price tag, then BR-V is going to jeopardise Pak-Suzuki’s plans with Vitara. Additionally, PW sources report that this Honda BR-V is expected to come standard with:

  • 1.5L Engine
  • 6 Speed CVT-i transmission
  • 7 Seats
  • Keyless Entry
  • Roof railings

While the features mentioned above are not a complete list of equipment, which BR-V will be featuring as standard; it’s still enough to present a rough picture to fathom what’s coming. Furthermore, Honda Atlas’ attempt to introduce a new variant -after Civic- is laudable, as this vehicle could present a much-needed variety in the ‘Cars for Middle-Class folks’ of Pakistan.

Honda BR-V’s teaser by Honda Atlas:

Stay tuned with PakWheels as we’ll be covering Honda BR-V in detail.

In the meantime, you may join discussion about the New BR-V at PakWheels Forums.


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  • LovePakistan

    It’s ugly. Big on the rear while front end looks light and cheap.

    Cars with similar body types usually have performance issues with front end problems.

  • abdullah

    awesome…………….i am going to buy it for sure……inshaAllah……my budget is 21 lacs……

  • Waleed Ahmed

    So, their will be no more HONDA car in a 1.56 Million Category(City), Well of course your plan was to replace the 2.2 Million car category that was empty since the end of 9th Gen Civic, & Launching a cross-over you’ll be able to somehow justify this price hike which is just one lac expensive from New City, Well Played dear Atlas, Bravo, I mean why would we expect you to do something favourable to bring down the price, No, that will affect the Filthy Brand image of a Precious HONDA! :@

  • Waleed Ahmed

    “as this vehicle could present a much-needed variety in the ‘Cars for ((((Middle-Class))) folks’ of Pakistan

    You’re joking, right???

    How Ironic of you to write this Lame line, Dude, seriously where do you live & what were you thinking? Do you really think that it’s the middle class who can buy a 2.2 MiLLiON car in this Era where Expenses are Sky high & need are barely fulfilled!!

  • pappu

    Kindly attach a rear-view camera as the visibility is quite bad without it. Parking would be a major issue if it is not provided as a standard.

    Looks good if this is the price range. Anything lower would have been better….but lets see what is rolled out and with what features.

    Space looks good for a larger family. Hoping for the best….

  • fed up

    My friend ! corruption has penetrated in our society on every level ,do not be surprise, with “HARAAM” money any body can buy .

  • Junaid

    Pakwheel has somehow become a market place for automakers to say that their rubbish is cheep for the masses… what the hell do they think the masses are idiots… 2.2 Million for a middle class… ??? the middle class is still buying the Mehran and the lower than them a honda CD70…

  • fed up

    It is a good sign that ATLAS is going to price this BRV in the range of 2.2 millionPKR. This will encourage the new Auto palyers more, who are going to introduce their cars in Pakistan. After setting up the plant and heavey investment ,their intention will be to survive and save their investment against existing well established car TRIO or simply “DAKOOZ” dacoit ,whatever you say.Their survivel will lead them to success by introducing quality and affordable cars to the masses.So let the TRIO to introduce higher price cars, putting nails on their own COFFINS, specially Pak suzuki. CIAZ is also going to be priced 1.8-2.2 mil.PKR……very good.

  • Salman Ahmed

    Gonna buy it in September inshallah .was going for jdm before .but will buy this new car now

  • Fazal Wahab

    Sir if you need a car in 1.5 million category, you have to first bring down the inflation. We could get a Civic in 1.5 million but when $ was half of what we have on the conversion scale. You can’t just blame honda for it.

  • Rashid Farookee

    Where the hell one places this van like item.Above and between City and Civic?Will definitely kill Vitara at 36 grand.Does it give any competition to Vezel?