Customer’s Experience: Taking delivery of My Civic ‘VTE’ Turbo

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The astute reader amongst PakWheelers must have picked up the technical error in the title of this article. It is VTEC Turbo and not VTE Turbo. Please bear with me, I want to make a point by highlighting my recent experience of taking delivery of my new Civic X. It shows an example of a negligence of quality control at Honda Atlas and their dealerships.

The 10th generation Civic has already been marred with various quality issues that have been covered in great detail by many people on On top of that, Atlas’s mismanagement regarding late deliveries has also left customers unhappy. But my recent experience is just ridiculing the customer. After this, I am convinced that there is very little merit given to quality control at Atlas or their dealerships.

It happened when I recently went to take delivery of my much awaited Civic X 1.5 Turbo. I reach the dealership and am cordially told to wait a few moments whilst the car gets readied for delivery.

After about ten minutes, the sales executive comes to take me to my brand new car. I walk through the workshop area to get to my car, parked in the corner, in all its modern metallic steel glory. I excitedly take a walk around the car, and notice something odd but it doesn’t quite register with the mind. I continue my walk around, inspecting the vehicle, this time more cautiously. Suddenly, I noticed it. The missing C from the rear VTEC emblem.

Civic Vtec error

At this point I had very mixed feelings. On one hand, I was excited to finally take delivery of my car and on other hand, annoyed with the short item with the vehicle.

First, they tried to convince me that there is nothing wrong, and the emblem is as it is. It was only after showing them another parked turbo they accept the shortfall. Very shocking awareness from people who are supposed to sell these cars.

Upon closer inspection, there was no glue residue left behind the missing part of emblem, suggesting that it may not have been applied at the factory. Somehow, through various inspections and checks done at Atlas, and then at the Dealership no one noticed that there is glaring error with the vehicle.

Civic Vtec

Fortunately, after some discussion, they agreed to get it replaced under warranty. I took delivery of the vehicle, and will get the emblem replaced as soon as they have it in stock. And I am writing this article as I wait for the new part to arrive.

I just want to point out, that perhaps I am a somewhat annoyed but mainly indifferent to such a minor shortage on the car, but the point is to highlight the state of poor quality control and customer service at Atlas and their dealerships.

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  1. Guest says

    Pakwheels vs Atlas Honda

  2. Bitter_truth says

    bhai itna masla tha tou Audi lety na.

  3. Awais Yousaf says

    Bhai Audi bohat sasti hai na jese.

  4. abdullah says

    Poor Quality Control….No Doubt…….i hope they have not forgotten to install the ABS lol…….Allah Khair karay….aur Pakistanioun par reham farmayay ameen…………Come on Renault….WE WANT CHANGE…..

  5. Atif says

    What kind of ridiculous question is that. A customer has pointed a rather idiotic mistake on part of Atlas and you have issues with that? Its morons like you who with their stupid attitude would never allow things to improve.

  6. Usman Burki says

    think they have just given a lollipop to the customer, it would atleast take several trips back and forth to just get that VTEC fixed 🙁 sad but true…

  7. Malik says

    Why? spending 30 lacs on turbo VTEC is ridiculous , spending 31 lacs on Audi A3 is better, yes Audi is far superior in quality as compared to vtec turbo the guy bought…. Audi even cares for a single scratch on Body…. Mr Atif you should be aware that price of A3 and VTEC Turbo is almost similar after REGISTRATION…..

  8. Atif says

    And how does this all justify someone questioning Atlas’ QC? My comment was directed at @Bitter_truth’s statement, ‘bhai itna masla tha tau Audi lety na’. If someone has bought Honda and he finds problems in it, its his right to raise issue at whatever and whichever forum he/she likes. Why should we discourage or make fun of that?

  9. Atif Khan says

    yeah 31 lac ki kiri audi ati hai biradar, sanu vi show room daso..hooni ja kay lay lena ann.. you also confused me just rechecked the price of A3 is 4 mills brofs yani 40 lac..PS i am different atif 😛

  10. Tahir Usman says

    Hes already screwed the car.Check out the scratched bumper!

  11. Titan67 says

    Not a big deal, perhaps broken during transportation. You guyz just need a chance to bash new Civic since day 1. was there any major defect in the car? i bet NO

  12. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    Im not surprised by the lack of quality control at Atlas but what amazed me when I read that upon conferring with the dealer that the emblem was wrong, he/they argued that “it is as it is”.
    Now either they were blind or simply one of many illiterate dumb idiots present in our country selling cars knowing absolutely nothing, not as much a small detail as this one…
    Truly amazing

  13. Bilawal Memon says

    The moment I read that they tried to convince there is nothing wrong with it, if I were you, I would have slapped that DH as hard as I could. Even a 8year old kid rushes to trunk after spotting a civic if it is equipped with VTEC and knows how it spells. You should have suggested him to sell bananas in Sunday Bazar if it’s THAT difficult to understand such a small and well known word. I Love Hondas, I own civic but hate Atlas

  14. Saqib Khan says

    lol i wonder , why people are so judgemental. A3 would cost you more than 41 lac on road, and it wont have same features as civic as well. plus 1.2 engine lol. compare a dog with dog , cat with cat and donkey with donkey. civic can be compare to a4 because of same body style.kk

  15. Guest says

    Honda Civic VTE Turbo – New Civic in world 😀

  16. Khuram Shahzad says

    Again and Again I would like to say.

    1. Product design …….superb.

    2. Product Quality…….pethetic.

    Bro! Beware of the Battery draining issues coming now a days after merely 2 months.. stay vigilant.

    This is the reason i opted for Grande and getting fallen in lov with it day by day although being Honda enthusiast.(kept Hondas from the last 15 to 20 years).
    Enjoy your ride.

  17. FuriousNinja says

    What if you bought a new iPhone 7 and and instead of apple as their logo, they have a banana imprinted on it by ‘mistake’. You would be fine with it too?

    Surely there will be no defect in the phone whatsoever apart from that ‘banana’ logo. Not a big deal either 🙂

  18. Abdullah Atiq CH says

    Best reply

  19. Titan67 says

    totally baseless reply. as per your example the Honda logo should have been something else.

    as a matter of fact the entire story seems fabricated. just look at those scratches on the unregistered car. clearly its the case of mishandling during transportation then to blame QC at Honda Atlas

  20. Titan67 says

    and you don’t even know a heck of a difference between a brand logo and a version emblem

  21. FuriousNinja says

    Mr Titan, that reply was as baseless as your comment. And for your info, I just used an example of Apple. Im sure you can find more ‘appropriate’ examples.

    And anyway, whether that defect was after transportation or before, that is not the point here. The point here is that the officials/staff working at Honda denied there and then that the customer is wrong and the car is as it should be. So whose fault is that? They should have atleast basic knowledge of so called ‘version emblems’ which you so furiously mentioned lol. Moreover, they should have inspected the car again after transportation so as to rectify anything which could have gone wrong during it.

    He’s not buying a used car so that he ll overlook that defect. He’s buying a bloody freaking new car lol.

    A person buys 30 lacs car, and one letter of the VTEC is entirely missing. Sure no sweat, it happens on all good brands, right?

    But go on, keep supporting if you want to.

  22. Prado says

    clearly no passion in their work place…. at this rate we will be lucky to see cars to Afganistan…

  23. Prado says

    clearly no passion in their work place…. at this rate we will be lucky to sell cars to Afghanistan…

  24. Salman Ahmed says

    Dude everybody gets it that you work in Honda showroom .go back to work and leave the discussion to professionals here

  25. Titan67 says

    baseless again.. according to your theory the fault is of HONDA POINT.. not ATLAS HONDA..

  26. Ali Mehdi says

    guys the most simple way to register our protest with atlas is to stop buying their cars, but that is not happening, so rest assured, they would keep doing these blunders cause they know we would buy their cars anyway

  27. HondaLover says

    You paid approximately PKR3,000,000 for this car, right? Since the last digit of the logo was missing, you should say that you will only pay PKR3,000,00 for the car.

    Dealerships charge for Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) and as such, are equally to blame for this blunder as Atlas. Customer is not buying car from XYZ dealership. Customer paid directly to Atlas Honda on the cheque/draft. The dealership is an agent of Atlas Honda.

    Even bigger fools are those who have haraam ka paisa and think this issue is no big deal. I will discount Atlas shills, employees, and showroom employees responding or even blind fanboys. They all are cause of declining quality of automobiles in Pakistan. “Sab chalta hai” mentality is cancer.

  28. HondaLover says

    Owner should have refused delivery of the car until this issue was fixed.

  29. Junamis says

    kuch sharam kuch hayaa hoti hai!

  30. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    people will keep buying their cars and Indus Motors and Pak Suzuki until and unless new competition enters the market. Which is slowly happening. So lets be patient 🙂

  31. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    Grande is love! if you want a (way more than) worthy competitor of Civic, buy a Grande people! XLi and GLi should be compared to City/Lianas and not to be confused with Civics.

  32. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    man its a beautiful car. No hate towards it but towards the people who are in charge of assembling and selling it. They are not even aware of such a minute detail tells you why there are so many problems with the quality of the new Civic. Try to understand what is being said

  33. Bilawal Memon says

    Fabricated story…Scratches on unregistered car.. hmm nice spotting. No offense, But increasing the brightness of your device’s screen and by opening you eyes you might change your opinion. But if that doesn’t help, I am surprised How did you miss spotting a dumbass every time you see in the mirror??? 🙂

  34. Mohammad Omer Naeem says

    Is this a made up story or what ? Why does the “brand new” car have scratches on bumper ?

  35. Guest says

    Just some dust. Look at that spot in main picture with full rear view.

  36. Salman Ahmed says

    Looks like toyota has paid pakwheels very well to have these stupid article published. the reality is that toyota doesn’t have any car in its arsenal which can compete with the civic turbo so they bought writers at pakwheel to damage honda’s reputation.
    Shame on you toyota, if you can compete then you should stop playing these dirty games.

  37. deltree says

    Did you just compare a audi and a civic based on engine size? do you think a civic drives better than a audi a3? lol do let me know what sasti charas you are on. You are spot on with the lack of features but at the end of the day that audi a3 would drive better and last further than the civic.

  38. Junaid Abbas says

    Even Suzuki Factory never misses things like these. Its a small C, Well you get the point but it has a huge impact on Honda Civic. Honestly… Buy Toyota Grande and Enjoy it.

  39. Guest says

    How much is Atlas Honda paying you?

  40. Spyrogyra says

    Mistakes happen, no big deal. But denying there is a problem, that’s the real issue. Especially when one considers brand equity. One might expect it from local Suzuki but not Honda.
    I fully support the author.

  41. Capt Faraz Tahir says

    I am also waiting for civic oriel. I got it booked in Aug with delivery date in mid oct but till todate no deliveries

  42. Saqib Khan says

    nope, you got me wrong. i ever never said civic drives better than A3. The only point iam try to put is on paper you cannot compare a3 with civic. The guy above me, wrongly said that a3 comes cheaper than civic.

  43. Khurram says

    Toyota does not need any body to tell what the car is, it speaks for itself. Nevertheless you missed the point. Owner has waited long to show of his and all of a sudden he notices this small error on Honda’s part, it is just something you cannot imagine in a Honda car do you? Like the failure of NOTE 7, well literally I was speechless then.

  44. Khurram says

    Every thing is possible in Pakistan.

  45. Khan says

    Fake. The car is old n has scratches on bumper

  46. Khan says

    Showrooms are never out of monograms. Its a fake paid review as bumper has scratches and the car is old

  47. MSA says

    Honda vs Toyota (pak wheels)

  48. MSA says

    Honda vs money

  49. Unhappy Camper says

    Can any one tell me what i can do to express my displeasure at the time Honda Atlas is taking to deliver Honda Civics x.
    i booked my civic on September 1st 2016 on the promise made by the dealership that the car would be delivered in 3 months. We are now coming towards the end of Jan 2017 and the dealership has informed me that we should call them in the 1st week of February 2017 to find out about the delivery.
    This is nothing short of criminal fraud in my opinion, i could not care the least about them keeping pace of orders with production, i want to know what i can do to convey my displeasure to Honda and be compensated in order to punish them for the losses, grief and mental anguish i have had to endure.

  50. Salman Ahmed says

    not as much as toyota is paying pakwheels :p

  51. abubakar says

    looks pretty much convincing to me i think scratch would be better instead of ‘DUST’!

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