Applying for the renewal of license? Here’s what you need to know!

Most people in the country don’t bother to get a driving license, while fewer try to renew it. In the previous article, we told you guys about how one can apply for beginner, permanent and international license. After that many of you pointed out that we should also write how one can renew his/her license. So, in this particular write-up, we will be mentioning the steps how to renew the license.

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The process is not too long or complicated. Just go to the Driving License Issuance Management System (DLIMS) website and download the driving license renewal form from the download sections. The form which you will download is entitled as form “E”. As discussed in the previous blog that different documents are required to apply for different licenses, same is the case with renewing the license. Below is the list of documents which are required to apply for renewal of license.

  • Required Application Form E within FileCover
  • 2 attested photographs (Passport Size)
  • A copy of National Identification Card (NIC)
  • Original Driving License
  • Medical Report
  • A Ticket of relevant License

Renewal Fee:

  • Motor Cycle, Rickshaw PKR 500
  • Car, LTV (PSV), Tractor Commercial PKR 750
  • HTV (PSV) PKR 1000

Note: License is renewed for five years

DLIMS is an online license verification and tracking system introduced by the Government of Punjab. The system has been developed by Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) and is available in 36 districts of Punjab province.

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Pakwheels Online License Verification – DLIMS

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Notable Replies

  1. kalia says:


    1- Best keep a pen with you. Borrowing one will mean you lose a few minutes.
    2- Take a water bottle with you, lines can be long and hydration is super important.
    3- The photos they ask you to bring are just for show, they will take the picture on the spot that will then appear on the license so wash your face and shave (if it applies to you).
    4- Reach super early, if you know lines are long in your particular license office. 7-7:30AM is a good start.
    5- Don't hesitate for a second paying 200-250 to have the license sent over to your home through TCS.
    6- Don't argue with a foji who doesn't respect the line and goes straight to the counter, especially if he is holding his wife's arm and pushing her along.
    7- If your license expires between April and September, best go in February or March as a ton of people in close proximity with no air conditioning can be stifling.
    8- Medical is necessary even with renewal. Keep that in mind.

  2. hash4u says:

    RWP traffic office is out of tickets
    i had to get them from GPO
    better to arrange tickets before making the trip. The phone number for traffic office given on google search works and they are really helpful. Call and check for ticket availability and fine if license is expired
    sooner you arrive the better, i noticed rushed kept increasing as time passed
    army uniform guys walk straight to the counters no matter how many hours you wait
    expect glitches, internet was down and we had to wait 1.5 hours for system to restore

    1) arrange tickets
    2) go get file cover and form E to start with in traffic office....Rup 30
    3)go in the Dr eye examination line ....Rup 100
    4) go to the counter next to info for file submission
    5) wait for your name to be announced - data entry - final step....TCS ,,,rup 180

  3. Renual should be totally online, we are living is old age and small shitty jobs are too time consuming done the old fashioned way..
    it’s ridiculous to still keep buying tickets

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