Oil refineries using chemicals to increase the quality of petrol

Last year Honda Pakistan complained to OGRA that local oil companies are using additives in gasoline to increase its Research Octane Number (RON), which is damaging its vehicles. According to Honda, companies were using manganese to increase the RON of petrol. After much fuss, OGRA decided to take action and resolve the issue. Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) and Hydrocarbon Development Institute of Pakistan (HDIP) have conducted tests on the petrol samples and now according to their lab tests it has been made clear that indeed oil refineries and importers are using chemicals in high quantity to increase the quality of otherwise a low quality petroleum product, which is not only dangerous for vehicles but also for humans as well.

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According to a local media outlet, both the authorities collected samples of locally produced petrol and also of imported petrol and after conducting the tests it clearly shows that chemicals have been used to increase the quality of RON to save the cost.

It is pertinent to mention here that Honda claimed that due to poor fuel quality it had to halt the production of its 1.5L Honda Civic turbo.

The lab tests conducted by both the authorities showed that high concentration of additives like MMT and Ferrocene is used to achieve the desired RON 90 and 92 specifications. These additives get collected in the engine components and can result in damage to the engine and also vehicles emission systems as well as spark plugs and fuel injectors.

Let’s see how Honda as well as oil marketing companies react to the findings of the tests and whether authorities will intervene and punish those who are found to be the culprits.

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