Duty Structure Of Hybrid Vehicles Remains Unchanged!

Duty Structure in Pakistan

The Member Customs of FBR, Nisar Muhammad has stated to the Senate Standing Committee on Finance that no changes regarding the duty structure of Hybrid vehicles have been made in the recently announced budget of 2015-16.

As predicted earlier by PakWheels, the rumors of a cut in the duty of hybrid vehicles have been abolished by this statement of the Member Customs.

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In the previous budget, an exemption of 50% duty on the hybrid vehicles upto 1800cc was implied and vehicles above 1800cc had a rationalized duty.

via Business Recorder


Fahad Mehmood

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  • Hanan Ur Rehman

    no wonder why that guy bought a 1.6 b,w i8

  • Khurram Dawood

    Nissan Leaf and Mitsubishi iMiev are electric cars not hybrid cars

  • M Umair Majeed

    yeh but car itelsf is very expensive :p

  • M Umair Majeed

    Has anyone been able to clear the Nissan Leaf through customs ?????? anyone available who can help in clearing

  • Munaf Razzak

    I heard a guy an importer who imported 5 nissan Leaf cars because goverment ne 1200cc se kaam gariyon pe duty nai rakhi hai usne test keh liye 5 nissan leafs import ki thi or karachi port ne clear hi nahi ki because of hamari pana hamari hukumat itni acchi nahi keh jab tak unke pait mein na jaye dusre ko bhi nahi milna chaye soo what happend ohh gariyan phele to customs walon ko samaj hi nahi ayi pher unho ne itna time delay kiya or thek thak penalty laga keh kaha abb clear hongi soo the guy didn’t bother to clear them he left the cars because ohh itni mangi par rahi thi keh paise dalna fazool hota and guess what my friend is in karachi port where those cars where parked said yeh gariyan auction mein bhi nahi gayi bus kahin chali gayin now ppl R smart khud samaj jao kya howa hoga un cars ka

  • Hanan Ur Rehman

    but only 50% duty