E-Challan system and suggested fines for traffic violators

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After a long debate and trial testing, Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA) has finally officially implemented the E-Challan system in Lahore with effect from today. The provincial capital is targeted for this system to control the growing number of violations across the city. The warning boards have already been displayed by the PSCA all around the city stating “E-Challan has been started in Lahore” to inform the citizens of Lahore to adopt careful ways of driving. The operation of the e-challan system will be monitored and operated from the PSCA’s electronic ticketing center in collaboration with the traffic police of Lahore under the compliance of Motor Vehicles Ordinance under Section 116-A of traffic rules. PSCA is looking forward to implementing the similar system in all parts of Punjab. Moreover, every violation has been stated with a specific amount of fine to be charged from the violator.

Cancellation of driving license:

The authorities will hold the right to cancel the driving license of any violator of traffic rules. The cancellation of the driving license could extend from three months to a maximum period of 2 years. These violators will be pointed out with the help of modern CCTV cameras installed by PSCA, operating throughout the city. These cameras provide a real-time data of the violators of traffic rules that help in identifying the vehicle.

Where to deposit violation challan?

Initially, according to the PSCA resources the challan amount could be deposited in the branches of Bank of Punjab. Similar talks are underway with National Bank of Punjab for the deposition of challan amount to facilitate the public at various banks.

Time of depositing fine:

The time associated with depositing a violation challan is 10 days. In case of not submitting the challan within the specified time, it may get doubled. Those who are found violating the traffic rules frequently could get their vehicles confiscated by the Police. Failing to submit the challan regularly would also lead to the same confiscation.

Red-signal Violation:

According to the spokesman of PSCA, the e-challan system will get underway with the red-signal violation. The system will expand to other violations of traffic rules after successfully collecting fine on the red-signal breach.

Posting E-challan:

The e-challan generated with the help of CCTV cameras along with the pictures of violating vehicle will be sent to the vehicle’s owner at his/her postal address through Pakistan Post. An amount of Rs.50 charge by Pakistan Post will also fall in the account of the violator.

Helmet fine:

After the orders of Lahore High Court, the City Traffic Police will be beginning to impose heavy fines on not wearing a helmet while riding a motorbike. Initially, the system will issue tickets in and around 20 points set by the police at the famous Mall road in Lahore.

The suggestion of rising fines by IGP Punjab:

According to a rough estimate, there are around 6000 violations of traffic rules on every day basis in Lahore. To discourage the growing number of traffic rules violators, the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Punjab has suggested an increase of 2000% on challan fees in Lahore. On approval of this suggestion, a fine of Rs.1000 could go up to a sky-rocketing Rs.20000. The suggestion says that the motor vehicle owners should be charged an additional 2000% fine whereas 1000% fine for the motorbike owners. 

The suggested/reported list of the fine amount of each traffic violation is as follows:

Sr. # Nature of Violation Challan Amount
1. Driving a non-registered vehicle PKR 3000
2. Not displaying the sticker indicating the valid date of the vehicle license at a clear place on the vehicle or refusing to show it when requested PKR 1000
3. Driving a vehicle on the road without renewal of its license PKR 15000
4. Driving a vehicle without number plates PKR 30000
5. Making unauthorized changes of color or shape of the number plates or altering the details on it or loaning it or exchanging it PKR 15000
6. Not returning the number plates to the licensing authority when the vehicle is not in use or in case of non-renewal of the vehicle license within the stipulated date or the vehicle being unfit for use or when applying for cancellation of its registration or for its export out of the country ultimately PKR 1500
7. Not informing the licensing authority immediately about the loss or damage of any one or both of the number plates PKR 1500
8. Using the commercial number plates in unauthorized situations PKR 1500
9. Using temporary number plates ( “For test” number plates) for unauthorized purposes PKR 1500
10. Driving a vehicle with commercial number plates or number plates which are allowed for test vehicles without fixing it properly on the vehicle as requested by the law or allowing an unauthorized person to drive that vehicle PKR 5000
11. Not returning a commercial or test vehicles’ number plates or a temporary number plate to the licensing authority when canceled or not renewed. PKR 1500
12. To write or to paint or to put any details against the law on any part of the vehicle or in the body of the vehicle or to use the vehicle for publicity purposes without written permission from licensing authority PKR 5000
13. To make changes in the use of the vehicle any way or altering any major part in it that entails tampering with the registration particulars of the vehicle without written permission from licensing authority PKR 30000
14. If the owner does not inform the licensing authority in writing about the change of ownership of the vehicle within three days of ownership change along with details of the new owner and his address PKR 5000
15. If the new owner of the vehicle does not inform the licensing authority in writing about the change of ownership to him within 3 days from changing the ownership to him PKR 5000
16. The owner of the vehicle not informing the traffic authority about any change in the owner’s name or nationality or ID number, his address or place of residence within 10 days of such a change PKR 5000
17. If the owner of the vehicle does not inform the licensing authority about the loss or damage of the registration card (RC / Vehicle license) or not applying for a new one instead of lost or damaged RC or if the person who found the RC not returning it to the licensing authority PKR 5000
18. The driving instructor not complying with the rules and regulations related with driving classes or the learner not carrying learner’s permit during driving classes or not producing it when requested by the police PKR 1000
19. Driving a vehicle without renewing driving license PKR 10000
20. The driver not carrying the driving license while driving or not producing it when asked by the police PKR 5000
21. To obtain more than one driving license of the same kind or to use it or to allow someone to use it against the law or to use the license for some illegal gain or someone using somebody else’s license or accepting it except in the situations allowed by the law PKR 5000
22. The owner of the driving license not informing the traffic department or the nearest traffic office about the loss or damage of a driving license immediately or not returning it to the licensing authority whenever it is found PKR 1000
23. The car rental offices and companies or car selling and buying showrooms or car decoration shops or car automobile workshops undertaking their business before obtaining a trade license from the licensing authority PKR 30000
24. Setting up or running a driving school or conducting driving classes without permission from the licensing authority PKR 30000
25. If the motorist does not stay in the Left side of the road in situations specified by law PKR 5000
26. If the drivers of transport vehicles ( buses of all types) and trucks, goods vehicles, trailers or semi-trailers do not keep to the Left side of the road or overtake other vehicles PKR 30000
27. Not abiding by the lanes on the main section of the road while driving PKR 3000
28. Driving a vehicle in the opposite (wrong) direction on a Single Direction Road PKR 60000
29. Reversing the vehicle on the main road except in emergency or reversing the vehicle at intersections PKR 10000
30. If the driver of a vehicle exits from a lane to reach a side road or to enter some point near the road or exit from it or to turn or to reverse without taking any precaution prescribed by the law PKR 2000
31. If the driver of a vehicle Parks the vehicle on the expressway in an undesignated area or to reverse or turn to the Right or to u-turn or to drive it on the traffic island PKR 15000
32. If a motorcyclist does not ride on the lanes assigned for motor vehicles PKR 1000
33. If a motorcyclist carries passengers on his motorcycle without sidecar or back seat or if a bicycle rider carries passengers on his bicycle which is not designed to carry passengers PKR 1000
34. If the motorcyclist, bicyclist and the riders on the back seat do not wear the helmet PKR 2000
35. If a motorcyclist or bicyclist does not hold on the handlebar with both hands unless when required to indicate signals manually or if he holds on another vehicle while driving or if a two-wheeler drives on one wheel or tries to tow, carry, push or drag objects that can obstruct traffic or endanger themselves or others on the road PKR 15000
36. Driving a vehicle on a restricted road or allowing somebody to do so without written permission from licensing authority PKR 5000
37. Exceeding posted speed limit on the road. And to be increased by PKR.1000 for every 10 km/hour of speed to the maximum penalty of PKR.10000 PKR 5000
38. If the motorist does not slow down the speed at pedestrian crossings or at crowded points or turnings or curves or crossroads or intersections or roundabouts or bridges or underpasses or while entering school or hospital zones which is to ensure the road safety PKR 3000
39. If the motorist does not control and adjust vehicle speed according to situation and condition of the road, vehicle’s condition and its load and whether that will help to stop or reduce speed whenever needed PKR 2000
40. Driving a vehicle at an abnormally low speed that may obstruct traffic movement without a good reason PKR 2000
41. Applying the brake suddenly without an emergency required to ensure the safety and security of the traffic in the road PKR 3000
42. Not giving a clear indication in advance (turn signal) and enough time when going to slow down the speed of the vehicle PKR 3000
43. If the driver and the front seat passenger do not wear the seat belts while driving on the road PKR 2000
44. The driver using or holding a mobile phone or any other device in hand while driving or becoming busy watching any visual object from the television set in the vehicle or allowing the children less than 10 years of age to occupy the front seat while driving the vehicle on the road PKR 5000
45. The driver using or holding a mobile phone or any other device in hand while driving or becoming busy watching any visual object from the television set in the vehicle or allowing the children less than 10 years of age to occupy the front seat while driving the vehicle on the road PKR 10000
46. To use the vehicle for purposes other than what is mentioned in the vehicle license or registration certificate or to allow somebody to do so PKR 30000
47. Driving a vehicle with a vehicle license (Vehicle License is Suspended due to Major Traffic Violations or Use Of Vehicle For Serious Illegal Activities for Eg: Drug Selling ) while it has been suspended on the basis of legal or administrative decision PKR 15000
48. Driving a vehicle with a driving license while it has been suspended on the basis of legal or administrative decision PKR 15000
49. Driving a vehicle that makes noisy sounds or dense fume or causing bad smoke or leaks inflammable materials or harms the public health or environment or damages the road or driving a vehicle without an appropriate silencer PKR 30000
50. To drive tippers or earthmovers or bulldozers, etc. on roads which are not assigned for such vehicles PKR 30000

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