E-Challan system comes into effect in Lahore

Punjab Safe City Authority (PSCA) in collaboration with the Punjab Police introduces the E-Challan system. The extent of working efficiency of this system has already been tested through the trial run in Lahore. The system will now be operational officially in the entire city from September 24, 2018.

Any violation including over-speeding, wrong u-turns, breaking the signals and ignoring traffic signs would be monitored by the authorities with the help of CCTV cameras installed throughout the city. Upon detection of violation of rules, an e-ticket fine will be generated by the system which later on will be sent to the violator via courier service. What would be the authentication of the e-ticket being sent to the right person for the right violation? To eliminate any mistake during the process of sending e-ticket, the picture of the number plate of the vehicle under violation will also be attached with the challan. Moreover, the photo of that particular incident of violation of traffic rules will be sent along with the e-ticket challan to the violator. This will be helpful in determining the place of incident and confirmation of the violation to the person being charged.


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E-Challan system is made in a way that it stores all the previous record of the violators with the date and place of incident. Any vehicle of a person that is detected violating the rules over and over again will be confiscated by the Punjab Police. The vehicle will be released upon payment of all previous e-challans issued. The “Provincial Motor Vehicle Ordinance 1965” allows the vehicle to be confiscated upon irresponsible behavior while driving. Therefore, the violator will not be able to challenge the decision once all the due payment is paid. What if somebody else is driving your vehicle and violates the traffic rules? Who will be charged for this particular violation? The answer to this question is that the vehicle owner will be charged on rules violation by anybody driving their vehicle. The e-challan will be sent at the address of the vehicle’s owner, the one considered responsible for the incident. Therefore, all the owner of vehicles must be aware of this fact from now onwards. The Police emergency helpline number 15 will be available for any inquiry related to the system.

This is a very positive step by the government in regulation and implementation of traffic rules in the city. Violators of traffic rules who have previously escaped from the police wardens will be brought under the rule by this electronic challan system. Any person trying to violate traffic rules will have to think twice before he/she makes a move. It will also create more sense of traffic rules among the people of Lahore where traffic has increased significantly over the past few years. The system promises to bring down the number of daily road accidents due to the violation of rules. The system is particularly a positive move regarding the safety of everyone on the road. Let’s hope the system works with positive results and makes its way in other cities of Pakistan soon. The residents of Lahore need to drive carefully from 24th September onwards.

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Ahmad Shehryar

An Electrical Engineer by profession who writes automotive content at Pakwheels and a photographer.

Notable Replies

  1. Nabs says:

    Will they do the same for motobike riders, the main culprits?

  2. They should include these bikers in this net . Models which punjab police is following is of london uk where main traffic is cars . Here main traffic is chingchi motorbike rickshaw . I think car drivers are more aware of their safety n cars safety in comparison to all other traffic .so here we are forcing already decent part of population which obeys rules to do more . Whereas efforts should be made to get these bikers rickshaw drivers chingchis in to this system . Else it will prove a cosmetics system .

  3. aa78 says:

    Challan in the name of owner when someone else is driving it will make many such fines be challenge-able in court. Unless there is positive proof of identification of driver, this system is useless and will just increase court backlog unless people treat it as a nuisance fine and just pay it to get rid of big-brother government. On this point, this system is in conflict with existing manual ticketing of challan to actual driver who is driving the vehicle.

    Unless this system is applicable on bikers and chingchis too, it is useless. Many times, one has to change lanes abruptly, brake or turn just to save some bike rider having ears stuffed with earphones.

  4. Well how about qingqis, loaders, motorbikes (always driving on wrong lanes), donkey carts, buses etc? They are one the major culprits and make life difficult for car drivers on road.

  5. I have sold a car for 1 year now and its still in my name. So why am i responsible for any challan that will come to my house for his misdeeds? If E challan system is to be implemented, first make sure that all cars on the roads are with their respective owners. If people are driving them on open transfer letter, than police should simply cease such vehicles and impose fines on their new owners for not getting it transferred in their name.
    And for the love of God please ban qinqis and chonda 70s for they are making a mess on the road specially single roads and bring them in the challan net as well. Small kids are riding these motorcycles.

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